Propecia, a drug manufactured by Merck is prescribed for treating male pattern baldness. Propecia was the first drug in its class that was made available in the form of a pill. In just few years of its being available in the market, Propecia gained immense popularity. Everything went well until the side effects were observed and made public. Since then a lot of people who have suffered from Propecia use have come forward to secure justice for the victims.As per a report that was published in March 2011, Propecia was found responsible for causing sexual problems in men taking the drug. Again in September 2011, a headline appeared in Men’s Journal People with the title: “The bitter truth about hair loss drugs”.

In October 2011, there was a report about a man named Jeff O., and the report was published in print copy of Men’s Journal. The report read: Jeff aged 35, after taking Propecia was inquired by his wife about his lost interest in sex. Observing the same himself, he went for a test and found lowered testosterone levels. A lifelong hormone therapy seemed the only viable treatment then.

Propecia was marketed and sold back in year 1997. The initial warning on the label read that administering Propecia may cause effects like lowered libido and wilting erections among males. The label was put in a way that the good effects were worth considering than the underrated side effects.

Proper researches that were carried on later showed evident proof that the manufacturing company did cheat the public by including inappropriate warning in terms of intensity and duration of these side effects. After a study conducted by a Medical Product Agency at Sweden, Merck was forced to revise the warning on Propecia. The new label read that Propecia can cause persistence erectile dysfunction. It was not before March 2010 that the print was altered in Italy, but in the US there was still no step taken in this regard.

Today it has been proved to quite an extent that Propecia can cause serious side effects relating the sexual abnormalities, which at time can be lifelong. Finasteride, the primary ingredient in Propecia was held responsible for this damage. Propecia causing lowered libido, erectile dysfunction, mental changes and impotence has literally shaken Merck that made quite worth with the drug.

According to a recent study for men taking Propecia, it was found that 94% experienced lowered libido, 92% developed lowered drive, and 92% got associated with erectile dysfunction. All this occurred in a period of just 28 months. The most disturbing truth was the persistence of these side effects even after the drug was discontinued.

A class action lawsuit in New Jersey was filed on behalf of plaintiffs from Texas and Nevada, stating that how both men who took Propecia suffered from erectile dysfunction. Lawsuit alleged Merck about issuing inadequate warning for users about the potential side effects. Merck’s negligence and breach of assurance was clearly show to be responsible in these cases and as a result the two men asked for a compensation of $100,000 against the damage done to them.
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