We hate to see dirty streaks on the surface of window panes, or layers of dust and grime accumulated on the window frames. However, keeping the windows clean are not so easy as they are constantly exposed to dust and dirt. For window cleaning, there are two options available with you. Either you hire a professional or you can do it on your own. As the window cleaning prices are quite high, if you do it on your own, you can save a lot of money. Get some free window cleaning tips in the following section of the article.

Tips for Window Cleaning

An essential item for this job is a good quality window cleaning solution. There are several cleaning products available in the market which can be used for this purpose. However, many people want to avoid such products as they are worried about the effect of the strong chemicals present in them as they could be harmful for their hands. For best results, you can prepare a homemade window cleaning solution. The main ingredients of this window cleaning recipe are 2 tablespoons white vinegar and 20 ounces of warm and clean water. For excessively greasy windows, you may have to add some mild dish washing detergent into this homemade window cleaner. Mix all the ingredients properly and the cleaner is ready.

Besides, there are some tools and materials that you have to procure before starting window cleaning. They are: window cleaning buckets with large opening, scrubber, squeegee, mop, scraper and old newspaper. Once you are ready with all the necessary items, follow the tips on window cleaning given below:

The ideal time for cleaning windows is early morning or the evening time. This is because if you wash the windows under direct sunlight, the window cleaning solution is going to dry up really fast which in turn will cause streaks on the window surface.Firstly, you must wipe off the loose dirt and dust from the window with the help of a scrubber. Keep the scrubber clean by rinsing it several times. If you use dirty scrubber to wipe windows, the dirt from the scrubber will go back to the window surface.

While applying cleaning solution on the interior surface of the window panes keep the strokes horizontal. For the external surface of the window, the strokes should be vertical. Thus you can minimize appearance of the streaks.

To clean window, rubbing them with a compressed old newspaper wad will give them a shiny look. However, it will take a lot of time. A squeegee can do the same job in short time. Use overlapping strokes with the squeegee so that you do not miss out any area.Use sufficient amount of water to wash the windows. Otherwise, there are chances that dirt and soap residues may be left behind on the window surface. However, take care that the water is not allowed to stand on the woodwork of the window as it can cause damage to the wood material.

One of the most important window cleaning tips is that you should not forget to clean up the window frames and tracks. You can either wipe them off with a clean terry cloth or you can vacuum clean them using a vacuum cleaner attachment.If there are stubborn spots on the window panes caused by resin or glue, then they may not come of with normal washing. You have to scrape it out with the help of a scraper and then wash the windows as usual. Move the scraper only in one direction so that it does not cause any ugly scratches on the panes.There is no doubt about it that window cleaning is a tough job. However, we hope that the window cleaning tips given in this article will make the job slightly easier for you. If the windows are beyond your reach, you can either use a step ladder or hire a professional to do the job.

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