If you're new to Internet marketing, you probably feel overwhelmed. You get message after message from one "guru" or another and you only understand a smidgen of what they're offering. It just doesn't make sense. All you know is that you need to make money, and you want the shortest path to success.

Yet, that's not what Internet marketing is about. There really is no short path. You do have to work, you do have to learn, and no... contrary to what some want you to believe, you can't become a millionaire overnight.

But there is a shorter path to steady income, and it requires you to become a zombie. Yes, it's true. You have to become a zombie to make this shorter path work for you. You can't question the methods. You can't substitute, and you need to blindly follow a path to success that others have taken before you.

This is no easy task, as it requires faith -- faith in a system and in the people teaching the system. If that's not present, you'll probably fail, no matter how good the system is. Why? Because you'll think you know better, when in reality, you don't. Your experience level doesn't allow that. By blindly following a system, you're absorbing the information... you're learning.

Find a "guru" whose message resonates in your mind, someone you like. Follow them for a while until you trust them. See how they approach teaching, and see if it's what works with your learning style. Then, just follow his or her system like a zombie... do it blindly. Don't qestion the proven methods. Don't substitute online tools or change the steps to better suit yourself. Do what the system recommends. And be willing and ready to spend some money. There is no such thing as free business, at least not free successful business. If you see proof that people have found success by blindly following the system, you will, too, as long as you take the prescribed steps.

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