Did you know that people are desperately trying to get rid of their unwanted properties simply because they can no longer afford to pay the taxes? http://taxdeedtreasures.com/ has cracked the code on finding these tax defaulted properties and their tax stressed owners, and discovered how to persuade these owners to give up their properties, often for next to nothing, simply to be relieved of the stress. You may find this difficult to believe, but it is absolutely true!

Consider this fact: there are tens of thousands of unencumbered lands in tax sale states that owners want off of their tax troubled minds. Multiply that by the over thirty US states that participate in tax sales, and you have hundreds of thousands of properties throughout the U.S.A. that are tax delinquent and heading for a tax sale. The majority of states hold tax lien and deed sales of one form or another, so it is highly likely that you live in or near one.

Not only are there private owners who have bought that extra piece of land as an investment, who now find that they cannot even afford to pay the minimal taxes that are owed, but there are also institutional investors, as in tax lien investors, who have purchased a lien, and found themselves inadvertantly holding a property that they simply cannot sell in this depressed market. Some investors have multiple holdings that attract tax liabilities they would rather see off their books.

With all the competition for short sale foreclosures 'top of mind' in the media and in the minds of purchasers, the unseen and neglected land owner is left out of the picture, and their tax bill keeps getting larger. A great many property owners have found that they no longer have that extra income to pay the taxes, and are willing to let the tax burdened property go in exchange for some peace of mind.

This phenomenon does not only apply to land, but increasingly more homes, condos, manufactured homes, commercial properties, and agricultural lands are starting to find their way onto tax delinquent lists, as the banks are overwhelmed by the backlog, and are neglecting to pay the taxes!

Banks have unwittingly caused properties to be caught up in the tax sales net because of securitization transfer complications and broken chains of title caused by M.E.R.S., and these kinds of hurdles delay foreclosure. The counties can't wait for the banks to get their ducks in a row, so it sells the properties out from under the banks noses to recoup the taxes and wipes out the lien!

So, how does one find a property, and persuade the owner to virtually give it away?

Through a trick known as 'Front-running', or getting in front of the sale.

In other words, you are contacting the owners who are facing the loss of their properties, or are holding one they no longer want to hold, prior to the tax deed sale, with a view of either having them grant you the title through a warranty deed, or via a quit claim deed.

On the surface this sounds easy, but you will soon find out that if you don't have the keys to open the door to the correct knowledge of 'who and where' the current owners are located, and an effective contact instrument, you are, in a phrase; groping around in the dark, lost and frustrated.

With software now available you can leap way ahead of the competition through the intelligent use of a tried and tested harvesting program that picks precise data from the county websites. This means current names and addresses of owners!

As pointed out earlier, the mystery of front-running has been unraveled on how to find, contact, and persuade these owners to give up their properties!

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Harry Connor, Jr. watches and blogs on trends in foreclosures and Tax Sales, and publishes quick-start guides for self-starting investors who desire to own U.S. property. The guides are designed to teach both the average entrepreneur and budding real estate investor, without large amounts of capital, how to make a new start and succeed in the Tax Sales property market. http://taxdeedtreasures.com/