The Queen floated along the River Thames yesterday on The Spirit of Chartwell along with 1,000 other boats to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. The Queen along with the other boats sailed seven miles from Battersea Bridge to Tower Bridge. Along the way however they passed many property hotspots for those wishing to invest in prime London real estate. In 2012 to live along the Thames is one of the most desirable places to reside, not just in the capital but also in the world. American and Middle Eastern investors have long regarded London as a prime real estate hotspot but now the rest of the world is also taking notice and are looking to invest their money in their own little piece of London. French, Russian, Greek and Italian investors are now waking up to London’s sound property investments.

Property prices along the River Thames are up a staggering 45% since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008 and just in this year so far they have gone up by 11.3%. Many agents believe that along with London being a safe haven to invest your money into it also offers buyers a great lifestyle of shopping, culture and fabulous dining out experiences. Plus the Olympics will make London come alive this summer along with the Queen’s celebrations.

The banks of the River Thames have certainly changed from the polluted place it once was where noisy industry lined the banks. Now some owners of property on the River Thames have seen an astonishing 50.5% increase in their homes value. Below are some of the prime hotspots that many foreign investors are interested in.

1. Chelsea Harbour in Fulham: This is where the Queen began her Diamond Jubilee journey on the Thames yesterday. Diana, Princess of Wales made this place popular by frequenting the gym here on a regular basis and being followed by the paparazzi every step of the way. Chelsea Harbour opened in the 1980’s and was a former industrial site, which was renovated into apartments. If you decided to move here you would have Michael Caine, Kate Adie and Tom Stoppard as your neighbours. Shopping on the exclusive Kings Road is just 10 minutes walk away but property prices are high, a two-storey apartment will cost you £7.2million, but it does come with 6 bedrooms for entertaining and friends staying over.
2. Cheyne Walk in Kensington and Chelsea: This is one of the most famous addresses along the Thames and in the 1540’s King Henry VIII even built a home along this very stretch of the river. Even a one- bedroom apartment here can bring £6,000 to £12,000 rent to a landlord every single month.
3. Albert Bridge Road in Wandsworth: Back in1860 Prince Albert suggested building a bridge to connect Chelsea to Battersea. It features some stunning Victorian terraces but is a 15-minute walk from the Tube and railway stations. Houses do sell for £3million in the area though.
4. Chelsea Bridge in Chelsea: Close to shopping on the Kings Road and views of the Thames from the Chelsea embankment property prices are high here. A six-bedroom family home attracts a staggering £11.25million.
5. Vauxhall in Lambeth: This is one of the up and coming areas of central London with both Chelsea Clinton and John Major buying property here. The reason that it is such a good investment now is due to the US Embassy opening here in 2017 and the rumoured Chelsea Football Club relocating to Battersea Power Station nearby. If all this takes place then the property prices in this area will most certainly rocket.

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Fiona Davies is a senior land consultant at Building Plots For Sale.
She has worked in the land and property sector for the last ten years.
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