There are many communities in the larger LOs Angeles area like the city of Ventura, Santa Monica and Hollywood that constantly deal with a high volume of vagrants and consequently with vagrants loitering and panhandling on commercial properties. In many cases vagrants subsidize their income by panhandling, which will result in vagrants standing in front of businesses asking customers entering and leaving for money and food. In general that will infuriate tenants and owners of businesses, because it will discourage many potential customers coming to the business either out of fear of being attacked or because they do not want to deal with the harassment by vagrants.

There will be a high number of vagrants in cities that have tourist attractions, special services for homeless people or a police force that will not harass homeless people. In most instances falling in these categories will mean that a large number of vagrants will try to subsidize income and will have to find places to sleep within the city. That creates numerous potential problems for business owners and property managers. Vagrants will panhandle, harass customers and sleep on their property. That will not only lower the profile of the property for tenants and potential customers, but it creates huge potential liabilities for the property owners.

Many owners of businesses and property managers will call the police when vagrants are loitering in front of businesses, but they will quickly realize that the police will either show up a long time after they were called or not show up at all. Most police commanders will argue that they only have limited resources and have to attend to higher priority crimes first. Vagrants and panhandling are serious problems, but compared to violent crimes and the drug epidemic they are on the low end of the scale for the police. Property managers and business owners will quickly realize that they will either have to live with people panhandling, loitering and sleeping on their properties or that they will have to hire a private security company.

I am a security consultant for a security company providing security guard services in the greater LOs Angeles area and I have dealt with many shopping centers that have either had bad security companies or had ignored the problem of panhandlers and vagrants for a long time. Vagrants will congregate at such places. They will sit in front of businesses and ask customers and employees and customers for food and money. After being sent away they will frequently come back to the same location and most of the time they will try to find a place to sleep at the shopping center as well. That will make tenants unhappy; create liabilities and lower revenues for businesses. Hiring a private security company will be the only option to improve the situation.

Property manager should be very careful about the company they hire, because hiring the wrong company will not improve the situation. A good company must establish a zero tolerance policy for loitering. They have to be consistent and consequent in relegating vagrants from the property. Therefore the security company must have a good supervisory system, because their guards must constantly confront and antagonize vagrants. If not properly supervised the best security officers at some point will give up at the sight of constant influx of vagrants. The security company must also establish a good working relationship with law enforcement, because they will need fast response times in case of emergency or if they need to get people arrested.

A good consequent security company with experience, the necessary tools and commitment will be able to relegate all vagrants from the property and keep them away. In most cases vagrants will make the decision to move on to other businesses and properties where security officers do not give them a hard time. Nevertheless, property managers should keep in mind that vagrants will be back as fast as they left if the security company becomes complacent or if the property manager decides to go without the help of a security company again.

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Charles Willis is a security consultant for a security company in Los Angeles frequently training and coaching Los Angeles Security Guards and Dallas Fort Worth Security Guards. He has provided security consultations to numerous Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses. He is recognized as one of the specialists in the security consultation field.