For the longest time, one of the things you count on with any big city apartment complex was the rusting hulk of a garbage dumpster parked unceremoniously in the parking lot. People who rented an apartment in Cincinnati, Dayton and other cities had to look at these things every day. It doesn’t matter how attractive a building is, how well kept the premises are or how much care residents take in their units, having garbage dumpsters seriously detracts from the appearance. These big metal boxes have other problems besides being eyesores. Having trash sitting outside for days or weeks at a time between collections can attract rodents and other pests, building managers have to keep enough space clear to allow a truck to empty the bin, at least two or three valuable parking spaces are often sacrificed to make room for the bin itself, and it can present a safety hazard to children who like to climb inside.

It used to be that there was really no viable alternative to these dumpsters in the Cincinnati area. Without daily city garbage collection, there needs to be overflow garbage storage onsite for rental buildings. Plus, landlords and property managers need somewhere to stuff all the junk that results whenever a tenant leaves —everything from bags of garbage to abandoned sofas, broken down TVs, damaged carpet and old mattresses.

In recent years, more and more Cincinnati area property management companies have come to the realization that there is an alternative to dumpsters. Having a professional junk collection firm undertake regular pickups to supplement city garbage collection is a convenient and affordable alternative. It also offers the advantage of providing full recycling services and environmentally friendly disposal, ensuring that less garbage than ever is being sent to landfills. Turning to a junk collection firm offers a huge advantage when it comes to apartment clean outs too. Instead of having to sort out everything to separate recyclables from garbage, then carry multiple loads down and lift it into a dumpster, they simply clean up, then book a pickup. The junk removal company hauls everything out of the unit for them, taking care of the sorting and the heavy lifting.

Given the many advantages of working with a professional junk collection company, is it any wonder that when it comes to dumpster rental Dayton OH apartments are choosing to go green instead? Rather than looking at ugly metal dumpsters, residents are able to take advantage of freed up parking spaces, while landlords no longer dread the routine of multiple trips lugging abandoned junk after cleaning out vacated units — with everything collected recycled where possible and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Helen Beck manages a small apartment complex in Maineville, Ohio. Rather than using the dumpster rental Cincinnati landlords often rely on during apartment clean outs, Helen tried something different. She called a junk collection firm, saving herself the effort of sorting and hauling trash while avoiding the unsightly, rusted dumpster taking up parking spaces.