Despite the sluggish market, it is still complicated to find a "steal" in this day and age. A good starting point for negotiations is often 20% below the list price, with a target purchase price of 10-15% below market value.

The value of property can be reduced even after your proposal is accepted and property is under agreement through the appraisal and/or the home inspection.
For example, sometimes when the house price evaluation appears too low, we ask the seller to cheat or make some adjust with the price or report. Just like that, property valuation reports and companies force a seller to either make repairs or correct the price.

Rental Property Valuation Guidelines

Normally the property valuation of rental real estate is based on rental revenue, location, and condition. Large properties having more than two or three bedrooms charge higher rent. So, it will be better to rent a property having 2-3 bedroom units because these units have a tendency to have a more settled tenancy. Conversely, 1-bedroom apartments tend to draw more of a transient population, which means the turnover is typically greater.

For the location point of view, lower class areas or lower-middle income neighborhoods mostly offer the greatest bang for your buck. So, it will better to avoid these densely urban or very low income areas.

In case of conditions, your targeted property should be older (50 years or more). These properties can offer great value for your money. Conceptually, it's sort of the opposite of curb appeal.

General property valuations rule: cosmetic problems = good, structural problems = bad!

By "cosmetic," I'm referring to things like:

- Peeling or old paint

- Ancient carpet

- Wrecked light fixtures

- Scratched kitchen cabinets

- Torn vinyl flooring

- Accumulated junk or clutter

- A messy lawn

- Unkempt shrubbery

- Filthy siding

- Old appliances

- Weak bathroom fixtures & towel racks

- Old doorknobs

- Old outlet & switch plate covers

- Dented mini-blinds

- Broken windows

- Any other "quick fix" you can think of

Structural issues, or issues where you must proceed with extreme caution, include:

- A severely cracked foundation or walls

- Galvanized piping

- Leaning chimney

- Outdated electric (i.e., knob & tube wiring)

- Severely sloping, cracked or warped floors

- Pervasive asbestos

- Rotting wood in the frame

- Lead paint

- A long-running leaky roof

- Buried underground oil tanks

- HVAC problems

- Mold

Things You Need To Avoid

Here are some of the things that can completely kill the value of any property:

- Property having serious structural issues or poorly constructed.

- Based on a single bedroom.

- Twins, condos, row homes, etc. These types of structures usually do not appreciate as much as detached structures.

Here are some of the guidelines on property valuation on rental valuation Sydney. If you have any problem or any difficulty about property valuation then it will be better to hire property valuers Sydney. They can easily guide you about what to accept and what to avoid.

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