When it comes to moving, from searching reliable movers to accumulating moving companies quotes online, a lot of moving task is managed and carried out online nowadays. While the actual move couldn't be carried out online, a lot of pre-moving process benefits from technology one of which is home surveys.
Home surveys are important, as it helps the moving companies to give you a fair and accurate moving quote and ascertain your moving items. It is usually done by a moving company representative who visits your home and surveys your inventory. Nowadays this could be done by digitally by video surveys.

Digital pre-moving survey
While conducting home surveys digitally, the homeowner performs the survey while speaking to moving company representative via a video link on their smartphones or tablet. The moving representative directs the users around to get a better idea of the items to be moved and everything is recorded so it can be checked again if required.

Pros of Digital home surveys
This process definitely improves communication and engagement between the homeowners and the moving representative. This further reduces the margin of error and scope of discrepancies as homeowners themselves explain what the movers are expected to move and everything is recorded for reference.
This process saves time and adds flexibility for both parties. Now moving representative won't have to travel for hours for this quick task and can conveniently do this as per home-movers availability.
Many home estimates require their moving representative to travel long distances and spend a lot of time to conduct the survey. With digital home surveys, since a lot of time and travel cost is saved and moving representatives will also potentially be able to fit in more appointments, moving companies can offer reduced prices as they are ultimately saving money with video surveys.

Cons of Digital home surveys
Now nothing beats seeing and surviving the home items in person. A moving person or moving company representative may not feel the digital survey to be as thorough and they may be concerned that some items may get missed or the scale of the job could be misinterpreted. Assessing the weight and size of certain items may be difficult for the moving representative.
Getting a sense of space and planning the move by considering how bigger furniture items and appliances could be moved could also be difficult with video surveillance.
Not everyone is chatty about their home items and many homeowners may also be camera shy and therefore won't be properly able to give the moving representative the correct account of the moving items which could further lead to misunderstandings.
Digital home survey does not necessarily eliminate all disagreements. While moving if there are items which the moving representative didn't see during the survey or if some items may appear differently upon inspection, then it could lead to discrepancies.
Finding out that the user at the other end of the survey is legitimate could be tricky which may lead to moving scams.

Moving your home is a very personal and emotional experience. Therefore human interaction and personal inspection for items at pre-moving stage could be considered more helpful. However, technology continues to play an increasingly vital role in the home moving process, especially in getting moving companies quotes online via a digital moving platform like moversfolder where users can find reliable local movers to the best long distance movers along with solutions for all of their moving requirements. As for home surveys, there may be an increase in digital pre-moving surveys in the next few years.

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