Many people feel that writing a press release is the key to a successful product or business launch. There are dozens of press release writing services that are willing to help you with writing a press release. Is a press release worth the effort? Should you actually take time out to hire a press release writing service to accompany your book launch or other important event?

It is a wise decision to step back and weigh the pros and cons of press releases. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages of press releases.

Pros of Press Release

Press releases can provide advantages to a business, including providing some attention grabbing services to the clients that use them. Part of the advantage of a press release is getting a business name out in the public’s eyes. One a press release is put out, it may grab the attention of the people that see it, particularly if it is a well-written press release. This can lead to more job opportunities, more invitations to events, or more people buying your products and services depending on the purpose of the press release.
The point of a press release is to provide consumers with information about the product or services that you offer, or provide information about an event you plan to attend, or other information that you want to make public. You can also provide links in your press release to your website or business, and other pertinent contact information. The point is if it is attention grabbing, people begin to know who and where you are, and what you do or provide. You want to make very clear the benefits of using or taking advantage of your products and services.

There are definitely growth opportunities or business opportunities associated with the use of press releases. They are considered a positive and relatively inexpensive form of marketing and advertising.

Cons of Press Release

There are also disadvantages of press releases. These include writing them. They can be difficult to master writing. Most of the time you have to consolidate the information you want to include in a press release into a small amount of space to make your message succinct. When trying to do this sometimes you exclude some important details about what you need to say to visitors and the general public.

However, it is important you try to get all the pertinent information into a press release. Deciding what is and is not important can take quite a bit of time. This can interfere with your other business endeavors.

Once a press release is written, it also has to be submitted to the proper agencies for release, which may also be time-consuming. The worst case situation is there is no result from all your hard efforts. Most of the time however, a press release does result in positive feedback from your advertising efforts. If you work with a larger company you may be able to delegate some of the work to other individuals so you can keep up with your daily duties.

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