You need to understand that by consuming safflower oil, you would be able to reduce the harmful cholesterol in your body. This is one of the main reasons why safflower oil has become so famous.


1. Polyunsaturated fat:

If you look at the composition of safflower oil, you would find that it consists of polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fat can significantly lower the risk of heart disease. It does so by replacing the saturated and Trans -fat which is present in your body.

This would ensure that the cholesterol levels in your body would reduce significantly. Polyunsaturated fat is also responsible for reducing the lipoprotein of the various varieties that is high density as well as low density. Due to this very reason, even though it might not be as good as monosaturated fat but when consumed along with monounsaturated fat, it can provide beneficial health effects.

Also, the sources of monosaturated fat include olive oil as well as peanuts. Thus, not only is the safflower oil beneficial on its own but also when it is consumed with sources of monosaturated fat, it becomes even more beneficial for the body. Thus, you would be able to easily reduce the cholesterol in your blood vessels by consuming safflower oil on regular basis.

2. Tasteless:

When you’re looking at the other oils, you would recognize a pungent taste. However, when it comes to CLA Safflower Oil, there is no taste at all. Therefore, whether you’re using it for cooking or whether you’re using it for garnishing and Salad dressing, you would be able to do so quite easily.

Also, it would not alter the taste of your recipes as well. This ensures that it is much more easy to use as well. Unlike some of the other oils which have a drastic impact on the taste of the dish, you would face no such problem when it comes to safflower oil. It does not interfere with the taste or any other ingredients of the food which you are cooking.

3. Easy to use:

If you compare the burning point of safflower oil with any other oil, you would realize that it has a very high burning point. Due to this very reason, when you’re using the safflower oil you do not have to worry about limiting the heat. You can cook with the technique which you prefer and at the temperature which you prefer.

This would automatically make it easier for you to use the safflower oil for frying foods as well. Moreover, if you compare this with olive oil you would realize that when olive oil is kept in the refrigerator, it solidifies. On the other hand, the smoking point or the burning point of olive oil is also pretty low.

Thus, when you’re replacing olive oil with safflower oil, you can be sure that you would be able to cook in this oil quite easily. In addition to that, since it is tasteless, you would be able to use it in any kind of recipe. This means that you do not have to necessarily alter your diet in order to consume safflower oil.

All you need to do is to just look at the difference between your current cooking oil and the safflower oil and thereafter, you have to just replace it. Also, in most of the cases since the smoking point of the safflower oil is much high, you would not even have to worry about changing the temperature while cooking as well. This makes it easier for you to replace your cooking oil directly with safflower oil.


1. Absence of vitamin E:

Safflower oil does not consist of any antioxidants. Due to this very reason, you would not be able to provide free radicals to your body. When you’re not able to provide any free radicals to your body, it would become immensely difficult for you to avoid the effects of aging. This is one of the main reasons why you should look at alternative sources of vitamin E when you’re relying on safflower oil for cooking.

Moreover, you have to understand that when it comes to safflower oil, there is no benefit for the immunization system. When you’re using safflower oil on a regular basis, you cannot expect it to strengthen your immunization system. This is where the absence of vitamin E impacts the benefits which you get from the safflower oil.

In order to gain vitamin E, you have to opt for consuming walnuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts. Once you do that along with safflower oil, you would be able to get the essential vitamin E as well.

Thus, instead of thinking that safflower oil only provides you with benefits, it is important for you to look at both the advantages as well as disadvantages of safflower oil. Once you are able to look at the pros as well as cons, you would be able to realize the kind of benefits which safflower oil provides you with.

You would also be able to look at the shortcomings of safflower oil which would help you decide whether you should consume safflower oil or whether you should refrain from consuming it. Once you are able to make a proper decision, thereafter only it become easier for you to consume the safflower oil.

You need to understand that safflower oil is not magical solution to your weight loss problem but when you complement it with the right kind of diet and the nutrients; you would indeed be able to lose weight.

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