Surrogacy is truly bliss both for those who receive the child (intended parents) and for those who give (surrogate mothers). Surrogacy can create unique friendships and families. For the surrogates, there can be nothing like the feeling of giving life to somebody’s family which they may not know even.

Best surrogacy treatment center provides you with a surrogate mother also if you fail to arrange the one for yourself. The center also makes sure to check the surrogate mother thoroughly before offering them to the intended parents.

Pros of the Surrogacy for Surrogate Mothers:

Surrogacy is an immensely filling experience:
Yes! It is true that nothing can beat the feeling of surrogacy. In fact not only the intended parents that receive the child and feel like completing the family but the surrogate mothers also feel great as it makes her feel selfless and compassionate. Rendering womb for someone needy is a wonderful experience for surrogate mothers.

They Get a Good Sensation of Being Mother Again Without Extending Their Own Family:
All the surrogates who undergo the process are mothers already when they get an opportunity to be a mother again. Most of the surrogates love the experience of being pregnant.

They Get a Fair Compensation:
Apart from getting blessed with the feeling of being a mother, surrogate mothers get compensated for a prolonged time and risk that they undertake for some other. Many countries and states support commercial surrogacy. If you are looking for best surrogacy centre in delhi ncr to reduce costs, do not forget to ask about the compensation need to be made to the surrogate mothers.

They are given Legal Protections:
Contract of surrogacy does not protect intended parents alone. Surrogates are also covered so they can be rest assured that they would not be caught in any sort of legal entanglement.

Cons of Surrogacy:
Whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate mother opting for being a mother again for someone else, you should be well aware of the cons of this process. The process is physically demanding and the women that choose to be a mother has to devote a prolonged period of nine-months which may take a toll on her body and health. Also, they are committed to some other people for a very long time frame. Moreover, if you have any special family needs, you should choose not to opt for becoming a surrogate mother as you will need to devote a long time period.

If you are interested in being a surrogate mother and want to feel the bliss of being mother again or you are an intended parent that wants to be blessed with child, contact the surrogacy expert Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour who has successfully taken up many cases of surrogacy.

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SCI Healthcare, Founder & Director Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour has experienced more than 10years in fertility services. Dr. Shivani Gour completed her graduation and speciality training in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Mumbai.