In the vaporizing process, the dry herbs get heated to a certain temperature below the combustion point within a vaporizer. A vaporized smoke is produced and inhaled from a mouthpiece. Is vaping better than smoking? Both differ in terms of experience and depend on the user’s preference. 

On, you can buy dry herb vaporizers, bongs, hand pipes, and other smoking tools at affordable prices. Before you choose a smoking or vaping device get to know the pros and cons of both. 



Vaping is a much healthier alternative than smoking but there are still other benefits.

  • Users enjoy the more pronounced flavor of every strain more clearly, while smoking destroys the subtle nuances and tastes between strains.
  • Adjustable heat settings give control over temperature across the session ranging from mellow and elevating to extremely euphoric. 
  • Cannabinoids from dry herbs can be extracted slowly and efficiently. Multiple sessions can be enjoyed from one pack. Vaped buds can be used to make tea and edibles.
  • No external heating source like a matchbox or lighter is needed.
  • Vaping is odorless at low temperature, so is a wise and discreet alternative.


  • Learn to use the vaping device properly and needs general maintenance for better performance.
  • The initial investment is high.
  • Needs a grinder to grind cannabis in small powder.
  • Needs regular charging.
  • The effects are not as solid as smoking.



  • Smoking dry herbs quickly create an intense, euphoric effect. Combustion instantly releases cannabinoids like THC that roots the high.
  • The upfront cost is not much unless you choose a huge fancy glass piece. Rolling papers are very cheap.
  • Smoking includes rolling and packing, which at times becomes a ritual. The routine is hard to break.
  • It is simple and does not need a learning curve.
  • General maintenance involves cleaning the bowls or pipes, which seems effortless in comparison to cleaning a vaporizer.


  • Combustion is a toxic process because carcinogens, tar, and other poisonous chemicals get produced and released in the environment. 
  • Smoking effects cannot be controlled. For example, a strain having a low THC level needs the user to take small puffs. Alternatively, vaping offers good control over the entire experience.
  • Smoke is detected with ease and lingers longer than vapor. Vaping weeds do not spread burnt smell but aroma, which dissipates quickly. 
  • Smokers burn their stash more quickly than vapers. Once a bowl or joint is smoked, it’s gone. In vape, the herb gets cooked very slowly offering a chance to extract every drop of THC. 
  • You cannot distinguish the dissimilarity between strains while smoking but it is possible with vaping. Terpenes give the weeds a unique smell, which gets depleted with high temperatures. 

Which is better vaping or smoking?

It depends on your desire and needs. If you want a safe and discreet method of toking as you are a medicinal marijuana patient then vaping is for you. If you desire to get totally blazed then smoking is the cheapest method but keep its drawback in mind. 

At least give vaping a try because if you are a terpene connoisseur then you will adore savoring every flavor!

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