Government jobs or Sarkari naukri as they are known in the local language are amount the most desire jobs candidates desire to secure yet it is noted not all government jobs are on the top of the list with Indian army recruitment, paramilitary forces and several other military personnel jobs being continually ignored by the candidates due to the risks involved in the work. This is a major misconception growing in the past few decades and it has been noted to be affected the forces dramatically as more candidate avoid such jobs.

Many have been noted to rather struggle in the private sector since there is less risk according to them but even the risk in joining armed forces has been noted to be the same as that a person would have doing a normal job. Sarkari naukri in these fields have been noted to show a steady decline in participants with the paramilitary forces and Indian army recruitment being among the highest affected. This has made it critical to take the required steps and cope with the situation before it goes out of hand but there is another impending requirement that must be met by the candidates which are fitness.

Beside the few appearing candidate for Sarkari naukri like the paramilitary forces and Indian Army Recruitment, fitness has been noted to be a major obstacle for many candidate today due to the lack of fitness. In the same way that they white color jobs have the competitive written examination to eliminate candidate leaving only the most qualified the obstacle and fitness tests are noted to be a major concern. For candidates who may not be able to complete the fitness test this is also a major concern related to these type of Sarkari naukri thus making many thing twice about joining Paramilitary Forces and Indian Army Recruitment.

In the same way one would have approached the written exams required for most Sarkari Naukri, the fitness training will also need to be undertaken for a period no less than one year. This will stream line and build muscles thus helping improve chances of completing the obstacle fitness test. The requirements to pass the paramilitary forces and Indian army recruitments are not as fixed as one would consider since the fitness test must be completed in a certain time frame. Next they will need to continually do the training since it is part of daily routine in these Sarkari naukri.

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