I'll confess right up front that the vast majority of the content of this post is not original. I recently went through some extensive training on prospecting offered by one of my favorite trainers in the network marketing industry, Todd Falcone. I spent hours soaking up every juicy bit of wisdom he had to offer and I'd like to share just a little of it with you.

I'm going to talk about the very basics of getting yourself prepared to start making phone calls. Some of this stuff is so basic in fact that at first it might seem too inconsequential to even write an article about. But if I've learned one thing on my own journey to network marketing success it's that if you miss the basics, you'll never master the more advanced strategies.

You need to make certain that you have several things ready before you ever sit down to make that first call:

Prospecting Tips #1) Pens - regular and "Sharpies" - Notice that I said pens in the plural. Have several within arm's reach at all times.

Prospecting Tips #2) Highlighters - You want to be able to highlight any really hot prospect you talk to so you won't miss following up later.

Prospecting Tips #3) Legal writing pads - Have 1 specifically for taking notes while prospecting

Prospecting Tips #4) Land-line Telephone - cordless and wired - Cell phones are very common these days, but they can cause a lot of trouble when you're prospecting: dead batteries, lost signal, etc. A land-line phone is much more reliable. A cordless phone will give you the freedom to move around and a wired back up will rescue you if the battery dies or there's a power outage.

Prospecting Tips #5) Telephone headsets (more than 1) - You never know what can happen to one when you're in the middle of a call. Keep an extra nearby.

Prospecting Tips #6) Cork board - to hold important information you'll need at a glance such as your key information sheet and an area code map.

Prospecting Tips #7) Prospecting Log - for people going through your information pipeline. If you come across someone who sounds really good, put them on the log so you can keep track of their progress.

Prospecting Tips #8) 3 way calling - so you can conference in important people in your upline to help support you.

Prospecting Tips #9) Professional voice mail - pay for the service if you have to. You don't want to use an answering machine. It reeks of unprofessional.

Prospecting Tips #10) Pre-packaged sales materials - if you use materials that you mail out to your prospects, keep a supply handy, in mailing envelopes ready to be addressed, stamped and mailed as soon as you finish prospecting.

Prospecting Tips #11) Draft Emails - writing draft emails of correspondence you use often will save you a ton of time and even allow you to send a link to your prospect while you're still on the phone with them.

Prospecting Tips #12) Key information sheet - this is a list of all of the information you might need to access at a glance such as upline and corporate contact information, website addresses, your distributor ID#, etc. - Put this on your cork board.

Prospecting Tips #13) Scripts - You never know when you'll have a lapse in your memory.

Prospecting Tips #14) Timer - this will keep you from staying on the phone too long with someone who's wasting your time. After 5 minutes, as yourself "is this a good prospect?"

Prospecting Tips #15) Recorder - recording yourself on the phone will enable you to listen to yourself later and will aid in developing more effective telephone skills.

Prospecting Tips #16) A closed door environment - minimize the distractions and focus on your work

Prospecting Tips #17) Filing cabinet and file folders - to keep your records well organized and maximize your efficiency

Armed with these basic tools, you'll be better prepared to slam it on the phones.

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I hope that was helpful

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