No matter how things may be unfolding in your life at this very moment, know that you are prosperous. I realized, just recently, that I AM prosperous. And if I am, then I’m sure you are too. If you’re anything like me, years ago, when I was new on the planet, I would have measured being prosperous based on how much I had acquired, accumulated, and accomplished. For example having a steady stable career, savings, retirement, luxury vacations, rental property, a business, time share and the type of car I owned. All of these would have pointed to success and being well-to-do as prosperous is defined in the dictionary. Having grown up on the Eastside of Los Angeles to a working class family this would have met their approval for prosperity.

Over the years as I have awakened, I have experienced a deeper feeling of being prosperous. One of the by products of awakening and being more conscious is a shift in perception about life and ourselves. The most expanding shift in is embracing that we are energy at the core of our being; we are the hands and feet of the Divine that animates the Universe. Thus it only comes to reason that our measuring guidelines would move to our interior world.

What about noticing, rather than measuring, how much peace, laughter, fun, and periods of stillness and silence you experience? How much more you find yourself “being present” instead of teetering between the past and the future? What about having a greater sense of self acceptance and worthiness? Being aware that you are valued on this planet as a necessary piece to the Universal puzzle of life? Are you willing to acknowledge that you have spiritual guidance through intuition and that you take action based on the spiritual hits you receive? What about noticing being happy?

With the paradigm shift that is happening on the planet it no longer serves us or the planet to think that our prosperity, solely or even primarily lies external to us. To be successful must include our interior landscape, for example living inwardly guided and less driven by the opinions of others, the media, old stories and the influences of family history. From me personally, not being attached to needing the approval of others has certainly made me rich beyond belief. It’s given me freedom from the hamster wheel of seeking outside myself for answers, acceptance and direction. Getting that I AM worthy by my very existence has made me prosperous too. It means there’s nothing to prove, nothing to earn or overcome, because I AM good enough! And so are you! I’m sure you’re thinking, what about having money? Having money is good; however, having peace of mind when you don’t have money is better. Oh, and let’s not forget that what makes each of us wealthy is that we are loved unconditionally by the Divine Presence, no matter what.

Think about what would your life be like to no longer ride the stream of incessant mind chatter of scary stories, past ruminations or future predictions? I’d say being prosperous includes a heaping dose of love, joy, expansion, a still mind more of the time, laughter, creating, expanding, and peace of mind, self worth and worthiness.

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Jenenne Macklin is a speaker, spiritual teacher and clinical therapist offering practical life solutions to empower you to move beyond your fears to live the life you choose. She ignites your courage to recognize your inner potential, reclaim your power, drop your stories and create the life you really want. She combines years of clinical experience, spiritual wisdom and her personal journey to empowerment to inspire and uplift. For information on classes & upcoming events: 310.978.7133 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              310.978.7133      end_of_the_skype_highlighting;