Cancer is a word which is known as severe disease and even this is too. Today many types of cancer have caught huge number of people around the world. In this particular condition the cells of cancer develops in the prostate area. Now, you need to understand what prostate is?

Actually, prostate is reproductive gland in males. The size of normal male’s prostate is a walnut. When the prostate cells changes and started multiply rapidly then it is understood that you have caught which the problem of prostate cancer. This has caught huge number of people around the world. Especially in America it is the second leading problem affecting people after skin cancer. You will be surprised to know that around 27,360 have died with prostate cancer in America in year 2009. Another surprising thing is that 1 out of every 6 persons have got this cancer in their life.

Today science has created revolution and so many methods are here to help people. Even some of the methods are here to help people with prostate cancer but for that you must firstly understand the symptoms as well as who are at high risk of the problem as if you will know the problem then only you can take steps to get rid of it. We will also discuss the diet ideas for the patients too.

Symptoms- There are no early symptoms for the same as you will unable to get the idea of disease when at first stage but when it reaches to the advanced stage then cancer cells spreads around the prostate tissues. Even some people face problem in passing urine,have blood in urine or have some abnormalities in urinary area. Even person have pain in lower back.

Who are at Highest Risk? Generally it affects the older men who are less than 55 of age. People of 40 years of age have about 0.01% change of having prostate cancer. But man of above 60 years of age has 15% chances of having prostate cancer. It is clear that younger man rarely caught by the disease but even they are at less risk of early death with prostate cancer. Even if anyone in your family has history of having this disease then you may also caught with the disease. Those you eat meat regularly or have meat in moderate amount also caught with prostate cancer.

Diet- A recent survey said that high fatty diet is the main culprit to cause prostate cancer. Thus, you must eat low fat diet to lessen the risk of prostate cancer. Vitamin E rich diet, tomatoes and broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are some of the items to lessen the risk of prostate cancer so have them in moderate amount. You must also visit your doctor for regular checkups so that in case of having any disease it should be treated quickly.

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