Prostate diseases are a common issue throughout the populace. They can impact virtually anyone with a prostate, but they are particularly problematic for anyone over 50. The prostate is a part of the biologically male reproductive organ. It is a gland that supplies fluids, protecting, feeding, and encasing the sperm cells. The older one gets, the more important it is to have the prostate regularly examined by a health professional in order to ensure a lack of disease. Many people actually have a genetic proclivity for prostate illness, as indicated by their family medical history, so it is necessary to provide as much information as possible when seeing the doctor about a potential issue.

What Prostate Disease Should I Worry About?

There are three incredibly common prostate diseases that cause serious issues in those with male reproductive organs. If you find yourself suffering from prostatitis, which is inflammation, BPH, which is benign enlargement, or enlargement that is indicative of cancer, you should obviously seek medical help. The prostate is typically the size of a walnut, meaning that any enlargement is cause for concern. The prostate is located within the body at the bottom of the bladder. This gland supports function for a multitude of different bodily needs, from urination to ejaculation. The prostate tends to grow during puberty, but it will also grow later in life. Ultimately, it should not exceed a weight of 20 grams, though there is no easy way of measuring the weight of your prostate without the aid of a professional.

How Does Prostate Disease Happen?

When people in possession of male reproductive organs age, they become more and more at risk for prostate diseases. At the age of 55, over 25% of individuals have a prostate issue, but the older one gets, the larger the percentage becomes. Most prostate diseases are pros at avoiding detection because they offer no obvious symptoms, but this does not mean they have to become a detriment on your livelihood. Inflammation of the prostate is arguably the most noticeable symptom, and it can actually be accompanied by pain at later stages. This is often caused by a bacterial infection, nerve issues, chronic anxiety, and sexual abuse, but because the causes are so numerous it is difficult for a doctor to determine the extent of the issue itself. In truth, prostate disease can happen for virtually any reason, and we become more prone as we get older.

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