Anal lifting movement refers to the regular lifting of the anus, and then relax. Lifting and loosening is the anal lifting movement. Anal lifting exercise can improve local blood circulation, enhance anal sphincter function, and prevent anal relaxation, which effectively prevents and treats hemorrhoids and anal prolapse.

It is also said to do anal movement equivalent to massage the prostate, promote perineal venous blood return, so that prostate congestion reduced, inflammation subsided. However, from the clinical perspective, the improvement of the anal movement on prostate disease is limited.

Prostatitis can be divided into two categories: acute prostatitis and chronic prostate diseases. Acute prostatitis is a disease caused by decreased human resistance, the infection of bacteria, and other pathogens with strong virulence and rapid propagation. In this case, most patients can improve their symptoms under treatment.

Chronic prostatitis is a bacterial or nonbacterial inflammatory lesion of the prostate. It is the prostate gland part of the severe sclerosis lesions caused by the problem. The prostate gland is covered with capillaries, a large number of nerve networks and nerve endings.

When the nerves and capillaries in the sclerotic part of the gland are necrotic due to bacterial or nonbacterial inflammatory lesions, the local nerves and veins form a sclerotic focus. If the lesion's function is damaged, the patients will have urination problems, sexual function problems, erectile dysfunction, pain problems, and sub-health status.

Nonbacterial lesions have nothing to do with a bacterial infection, but because of unhealthy living habits, the glands appear stiff and sclerotic lesions, which lead to gland dysfunction. In this case, traditional Chinese medicine's therapeutic effect is better than that of antibiotics, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can not only penetrate the prostate but also eliminate the lesions. Besides, it can also cure the inflammation and infection spread in other parts.

Levator ani movement can not improve prostate stiffness lesions, so the improvement of gland health.

If you want to do some beneficial exercise, you should choose moderate lower extremity exercises, such as fast walking, jogging and other sports. It is because the prostate grows deep in the human body. It is located in the lower part of the bladder inside the male pelvic cavity, adjacent to the bladder neck, seminal vesicle gland and vas deferens ampulla. The front is close to the pubic symphysis, and the back relies on the rectum.

Surrounded by a lot of muscles and organs, fast walking, jogging, and other lower limb exercises can make the organs and muscles near the gland move effectively, form a gentle massage on the gland, and improve the gland's local circulation. Simultaneously, the exercise itself can enhance the blood circulation of the human body, and the lower limb exercise can improve the prostate's blood circulation. So the doctors always recommend fast walking or jogging for patients to enhance the process of treatment.

For healthy men, these two exercises are also perfect. Healthy men's prostate also needs to get good health care. Getting up and moving reduces the heavy pressure on the upper organs' glands and the upward pressure from the lower seats.

Besides, fast walking and jogging can improve the blood circulation of glands, and glands' health care is very good. The prevalence of the prostate disease in men with these two exercise habits is much lower than that of men who do not exercise.

So if you want good prostate care, it's better to walk or jog. If you still don't like to walk, squatting can also improve the gland pressure, improve local blood circulation, and benefit the prostate. But if you have diagnosed with prostatitis and want to treat it thoroughly, especially chronic prostatitis, you still need medical treatment.

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