Suffering from prostatitis can be very distressing and grievous. There is also a huge trouble standing right in front of many patients, which is the treatment cost. The treatment of prostatitis may need a lot of money and time. Sometimes, you paid money and time, but you gained nothing in the end. So male friends must pay attention to the protection of their prostate and the prevention of prostatitis.

Prevention is the best treatment. These following small tips help you a lot.

1. Don't drink too much alcohol

Drinking may give rise to alcohol stimulation to prostate tissue and aggravating the symptoms of congestion, which will affect the normal secretion and excretion of prostate gland. Drinking should be avoided, and if you have to drink, keep it in moderation.

2. Don't eat spicy food

Eating pungent and spicy food can get human body and cause stimulation to prostate. Urethritis and prostatitis will occur when these stimuli reach the urethra and prostate.

3. Don't hold back your urine.

A full bladder will make the immune system of bladder mucous membrane declined, which makes the bladder more susceptible to bacterial infection. It will further affect the kidney function and cause inflammation. Prostatitis will be induced after the inflammation has spread. Especially for the middle-aged and elderly men with benign prostate hyperplasia, if they hold back their urine for a long time, it will cause urethral congestion and edema, further inducing urinary retention.

4. Don't sit too long

Many diseases are related to being sedentary, including prostatitis. Many male friends always sit in the office or drive for too long, which will oppress their reproductive organs and affect the blood circulation of the prostate. It will further lower the prostate's immunity and easily reduce prostatits.

5. Drink more water

Drinking water can speed up the metabolism of the whole body and reduce the risk of prostate stones. Human can not live without water. So you know, this is definitely a good habit for the whole body. Drink more water is able to accelerate the excretion of inside body toxic material and impurity. It can rinse the urethra to achieve the effect of preventing prostatitis.

In addition to the points mentioned above, male friends should also pay attention to personal hygiene, have a regular sex life and do more exercise. Through placing a high value on the details of life and taking care of your body, you can effectively prevent prostatitis.

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