Choosing a domain name and constructing it would be the first main thing in starting a business.What would be wrong if I will say that?Well absolutely nothing if you are a small business looking to trade online right now but think 1 or 2 years down the line.

You always wish to expand your business and operate one online, right?Your brand is everything to your business. That would be considered your electronic shop front. Brand name should always be easy to memorize because that will help your customers find you easily. By the time registration occurs, it is strongly advised that domain name and brand name is the same.

Internet users are used on using websites by ending .com If you still don't have any brand name yet, then this will surely help you to come up with a good and effective brand name. So what happens when you have a brand, you have your domain name, but then someone else sneakily uses your brand as part of their domain?

It is advised to buy many versions of the domain name of your choice as much as you can like the my-company-name hyphenated version as well as the mycompanyname version is a good start. But if you were still able to grab the then you will be tightly securing your company name in the internet. No company can use the your company's name now. It only takes $0.99 to $15.00 to buy a domain, if you are willing to pay extra amount like for instance $100 to buy lots of them then it will also mean that problems will not surely occur in the future.If you really want to secure your company name in a legal way then you can register your domain name along with the brand name and trademark.

You are strongly advised to be careful in your brand name especially the domain name. Cybersquatting is the term used to describe an act that uses your domain name by adding some characters to it. Take action now to avoid future battles with cybersquatters!

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