As we move to the new consciousness it is important to pay special attention to our energy field, protect it, clean it and the rooms we use and ensure we remain grounded. Here are some simple but profoundly important tips to minimise the world around us affecting our vibrations.


We all have an energy aura around us that acts as a protective screen to block out and repel the negative energies of others, and also prevent leakage of our own energy. However, a tear or weakness in our aura can make it susceptible for other energies to enter. This can be caused by stress, trauma, depression, abuse, physical injuries or illnesses.

Whenever we are around other people, we are exposing our-self to their subtle energies. Most of the time these energies are positive. However, there are times when people have lower vibrational energies caused by negative thoughts and emotions, and these can drain our aura. Also there are discarnate spirits – the conscious energy of people he have died but not gone home to the light, and these can enter our aura.

So protection is about strengthening our energy aura.

It can be with crystals such as Black onyx and smoky quartz that absorb energy and can be worn or carried in the pocket. Or it can be using visualisation. Energy follows thought so you could imagine having a light bubble around you and make the intent: “Only what is for my highest good can enter my bubble and anything unneeded can exit”.

The same can be done for a room or house by making the intent of protection and imagining a bubble around the room.

This only takes a little time so it’s useful to do it every day, perhaps with your meditation. Energy protection is like putting on a coat to minimise getting wet when it is raining.

You can bring energies to the bubble up from the earth or down from Source or both for extra protection. This is useful when in crowds like trains, planes or in large groups.


It’s important to clear your personal energy aura and the room you live in or work in on a regular or daily basis. This will help restore your positive state and allow any negativity to leave.

When you take a shower or bath perhaps make the intent for any energies not belonging to you to be washed away.

Alternatively you can imagine standing in a waterfall of pure clearing energy with the energy flow over your whole body, through all your organs and chakra points. Make the intent for any energies not belonging to you to flow with the waterfall and to the earth.


A piece of selenite can be used to sweep around the room brushing away any energetic debris. The room can be smudged with sage, sweet grass, cedar, sandalwood, incense or other clearing smoke. One end of the smudge stick is set alight so that it smolders and produces a fragrant, cleansing smoke. This smoke is then fanned around the room.
Toning, Tibetan bell-ringing, drumming, chanting and other forms of sound clearing are effective. Essential oils, mists and flower essences can be used. With all of them make the intent for them to clear energies not belonging to the room as you use them.


The consciousness of people who have died and has remained earthbound is called a ghost. If it attaches to people is called a spirit attachment. A weakness in a person’s aura caused by unresolved negative emotions, fear, illness or accident can allow a spirit attachment to enter.

These can be detected with the help of a pendulum. The simplest way is to ask for your spirit guide to help take away any spirit attachment they have permission to clear from you and/or your room. An intuitive check with your pendulum will confirm their departure. If you are new to using pendulums you can ask a colleague to confirm your results. Normally the ones cleared will be spirit attachments on the edge of you energy field. For those that are deep in the energy field or unwilling to leave it will need a therapist trained to do this such as regression therapists

Every time you take something out it is useful to put something back in. You can ask for love energy from Source to come and fill yourself or your room.


Grounding helps bring a person’s consciousness come back to the body. It’s like the roots of a tree needing to be in the earth to stay stable and grow. When people have been in trance or deep meditation their consciousness needs to be grounded too.

Techniques for grounding include spending time in nature walking, deep relaxing breathing, drinking tea or eating, walking with bare feet on grass. Another way is to use visualisation. Sitting on a comfortable chair with your feet firmly on the ground or standing imagine your energy moving down through your body and when it touches your legs it transforms into big strong roots. Then it keeps moving until it exits the soles of the feet and starts travelling to the centre of the earth.

Cooks’ hook up integrates the left and right sides of the brain, reduces confusion and lack of coordination as well as grounding. It is best to perform this exercise while sitting in a chair.

1. Cross your ankles, right over left.
2. Cross your wrists in front of you, right over left. Now roll your hands so the palms are facing each other, then interlace your fingers. Move your hands to your chest.
3. Relax, close your eyes and breathe easily.
4. When you feel calm and restored to normal balance, unclasp your hands and uncross your ankles.


Our energy field has seven energy centres called chakras that open and closes quite naturally. If we go into nature and feel wonderful our energy field naturally opens to embrace the experience. If we cross our arms over our chest it is like saying, “Nothing can come in” and will help us feel less.

Opening – This can be done by intent. Imagine each of your seven chakras is like a flower and allow the petals to open one by one. Then imagine your energy aura like a bubble that expands into the distance and make the intent to be able to energetically connect with the universe.

Closing – Imagine each of your chakras is like a flower that closes, and your energy field like a bubble that contracts towards you. Make the intent for your energy aura to close.

When at home or meditating its useful to be open to fully connect with your intuition. When in a crowd of people or with negative people around it’s much better to be closed to minimise taking in their energy.

Avoid having your energy field permanently closed as it stops the naturally flow of energy around your body. Alternatively you can simply make the intent to all your chakras to be OPEN or CLOSE and your aura to contract or expand to make the process quicker.

Author's Bio: 

Andy is a psychology graduate, psychotherapist, regression therapist and has been the Director of Training for the Past Life Regression Academy since 2000 and trains regression therapists
spirit attachment and energy release
He is also the founder of the
Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the author of the books "Healing the Eternal Soul" and "Exploring the Eternal Soul"