The high cost on a new car represents a sizeable proportion of annual salary for many people, second only to the cost of a new house. Since you’ve laid out so much money on a new car, why don’t you invest in a couple more extra things that don’t come as standard? This article will advise you buy some add-ons designed to shield your car from dirt and wear.

A great initial purchase is going to be something to cover your car to keep the paintwork and trim effectively protected. You might feel that to keep uncovering and recovering your car after each and every trip will take too much time - well, you don’t have to. Nevertheless, you should take time to use it if your car will be sitting for an extended period of time. A car cover is still worth utilizing even though your car is shut in a garage given that it will keep the dust off the finish. Without the protection of a garage, your car’s bodywork is confronted with the weather, tree sap, falling debris, sunlight and bird droppings etc so a cover is a smart idea. Buy a breathable cover that can easily be put immediately over your car when it’s wet because dampness can then get away.

One more thing that could surprise you about your new car is that there is a 99% chance that it doesn’t come with floor mats. Go to a car accessory store to order your floor mats rather than pay a lot of dollars for the ones that the car dealers will offer you. There you’ll be able to save a great deal of money and if someone damages your floor mats by spilling a cola on them you can simply go buy new ones. There’s a great choice of mats at a car parts store that will satisfy all budgets and tastes. Even the cheapest rubber mat will take most of the dirt and wear that would usually be taken by the car carpets.

The car trunk or boot should be kept clean by fitting a liner that is certainly something a lot of people forget to do. Trunk liners are on the market for the same rationale that people buy liners for their truck - the need for protection. If you think about it, the trunk of your vehicle can become a catch all and really get torn up by placing all those different items in it. So finding a trunk liner is also rather important. Again you won’t want to purchase it from the dealership as they can be too costly.

If you simply purchase these small little add-ons for your car you will probably find that your car will end up looking newer for a longer period of time. While these items are not an absolute necessity to make your car run better, if the looks of your car matter to you, you should head on over to the closest auto parts store today.

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