As we all are familiar with the increasing burglary problem in all around the globe. So, to keep protected we need to think one step ahead to beat the burglar by thinking ahead of him, however, physical security is essential in protecting our premises.

Today, there are so many security products available in the market for the security of our homes and workplaces, most importantly find the best physical security product and the most cost effective one. Even though, we would like to have the peace of mind and secure our most important belongings, we would not want to spend a fortune to do so.

Below are the different security products we have come across:

IP Video Surveillance:

IP is the short form of Internet Protocol, which is an internet website address. Now days, this technology has been used for IP video surveillance system. Even an older system, one that uses an analog camera, can convert the camera video signals into digital images through the use of a DVR or video encoder. On the other hand, a true IP surveillance system uses digital (also known as IP-based) cameras. These have the virtue of the images and video being able to be accesses without needing the DVR, video encoder (or other hardware) to convert the signal. This technology is very effective to decrease the increasing crime rate in all around the world.

Facial Recognition:

Today, in this real world, security is the main concern everywhere, whether considering professional or personal life. Keeping this concern in mind, a biometric face recognition solution has been developed which can be used anywhere in the business or at home.

Facial recognition is another name of security products that help you to provide better security better than any other system. Facial recognition captures the face of every person who passes in front of its camera and save it into its data base. In case of any disaster or any other incident this latest gadget can easily recognize the person involve in any incident.

Mega pixel video surveillance:

The dependability and prevalence of video surveillance systems and cameras has increased dramatically in the past decade. Numerous home and business owners have integrated video surveillance cameras into their security systems to ensure safety, and catch criminals in the act. With a surveillance camera, homeowners can monitor their homes more closely and keep an eye on people who come and go especially in the usual places that robbers and thieves would target.

With the popularity of modern world and technology, this technology is also improved. Today, there are many types of video surveillance systems available in the market like large mega pixel video surveillance system, small or tiny systems and in many other shapes and sizes that will fit according to your needs and demands. Today, due to different technological advancements, video surveillance cameras are better than ever and can now be used with computers for more complex situations.

There are also many other types of security gadgets available in the market like object tracking systems, metal detectors, finger print detector etc. Just make some in the marker or online to choose which security device is suitable to protect your premises.

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