There are so many different reasons why a person may seek out yoga classes of some kind. Fortunately, there is a vast array of yoga classes for folks to choose from, so most people can find the form of yoga that best suits their needs at the time.

As a professional yoga instructor, you are likely well aware of at least a few of the more common reasons students seek out your specific classes. What you may not know is that—no matter what type of yoga you teach—you need to be covered by yoga instructor liability insurance, in case an unexpected accident unfolds in your classroom or on the property of your yoga practice.

For those yoga teachers who cater to students recovering from injury, such as those who come to yoga for relief from chronic back pain or some other kind of physical issue, the need for yoga instructor liability insurance should be quite obvious. If any one of your students should feel that something happened in your yoga class that specifically exacerbated his or her condition, then you could be at risk of facing a legal claim from that student.

In such an instance, yoga instructor liability insurance would be there to provide the financial assistance and protection you may need. If your student is claiming the damage occurred due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional yoga teacher, then it would be the malpractice or professional liability portion of your yoga instructor liability insurance that would kick in to provide the necessary coverage.

However, even if you do not cater to a higher risk population of students, such as those who come to yoga for relief from pain or injury, you still need the broad safety net of protection that yoga instructor liability insurance can provide. For instance, you may teach the more athletic forms of yoga that tend to draw strong and healthy students, or at least students who are dedicated to becoming strong and healthy.

Imagine if one of these able bodied folks happened to slip on a wet or greasy spot on the floor of your yoga classroom. If that slip results in a broken bone or other such injury, you could find yourself facing a legal claim for the damages. In this case, it would be the general liability portion of your yoga teacher liability insurance that would provide the necessary protection and coverage. This part of your yoga instructor liability insurance is also known as “slip and fall” insurance, because it is designed to cover these kinds of scenarios specifically.

In many states and regions, professional yoga instructors are actually required to possess yoga teacher liability insurance in order to practice their profession. Whether you are dealing with a higher risk population of students, such as pregnant women or people with chronic illness, or a more standard class of students, yoga instructor liability insurance is a wise way to protect your practice from unforeseen circumstances.

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