What do these three words mean for our human body?

When we PROTECT our body, it means that we are protecting it against injury; like protecting our head with a helmet when we cycle. We protect our back from injury, by bending our knees instead of our backs when lifting a heavy box. We protect our ankles by wearing hiking boots, when we go hiking; so that we do not stumble over uneven surfaces and strain our ankles. We wear waterproof clothing when it rains, so that we are protected from getting wet; the wetness can cause a chill, with a potential chill that can threaten our health. We cannot stop events that may happen, but at least we can prepare for how to deal with any eventuality.

PRESERVE is about keeping something in the same condition, without it deteriorating and becoming faulty, such as moisturizing your skin to keep it looking youthful, without wrinkles. Preserving your skeletal joints is about staying active, so that you maintain your joint mobility in your body. Many organs need to be regularly maintained, such as the heart with daily aerobic exercise to keep the heart active. The kidneys need to be flushed regularly with water so that all the acids are erased from your body. Water is one of the most important nutrients for your body, that help protect it’s pH balance, as well as preserve its youthful condition.

And finally, what do we need to promote about body? We need to promote the way we live, that will portray how we live, for a satisfying and healthy lifestyle. I am now 54 years of age and I have never felt fitter, or better than I do right now. Yes, I live with arthritic pain, but I have chosen a healthy lifestyle that keeps me active and productive in everything that I do. I cycle everywhere in Vancouver, even in the rain and the cold, but I have no regrets. Once I arrive home out of the cold, I feel better for accomplishing the exercise of cycling. I wear strong protective clothing, plus I feel warm & safe.

Author's Bio: 

I am a qualified Occupational Therapist with severe osteoarthritis in my hands; plus I have an M.Sc in Health Promotion.

I have always been very active and fit, so now I am helping other people with similar limitations to myself for leading a comfortable and pain free quality of life.
I am doing this by selling daily living ergonomic products that fulfill the three objectives of my mission statement statement: