Few days back I have seen my pet scratching and barking in a pain, I thought he must be feeling warm and irritated because of changing temperature. But I was wrong as I went near him and checked his whole body along with fur then I came to know that there were lots of fleas present on his body. I got shocked by watching these dangerous blood sucking fleas on my darling met and immediately rush to the veterinarian.

The vet has thoroughly checked my pet and concluded that fleas are continually multiplying in his body and thus he is inflamed with pain and scratching. When asked what the reason of such a dangerous flea attack the veterinarian is suggested that the lack of preventative measures and summer is the reason behind the flea menace.

Later the vet has suggested me with Frontline Plus For dog, I was not sure about its benefits on my pet and was worried for his health. Then veterinarian has explained me the popularity of this flea medication. And he has also told me how the pet owners all over the world are taking the benefits of this flea control medicine. What the vet has suggested me, I have written them below.

Benefits of Frontline Plus For Dog:

  • It is a great flea medicine in controlling as well as treating fleas, ticks, life cycle of fleas and other blood sucking parasites as well as insects.
  • This flea control formulation comes in easy to apply liquid form and remains waterproof for several days.
  • The active ingredients, Methoprene and Fipronil are known to kill all life stages of flea and ticks.
  • It also contains an insect growth regulator to deal with eggs and larvae.
  • This medicine starts working on flea’s within 18 hours and on ticks within 24 hours of time.

Summer is the root cause for various infections and diseases to humans as well to animals and our sweet pets are no exceptions. Fleas and ticks on pets are common in summer and flea medications such as Frontline Plus For Dog are important.

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