Do you ever stop to ponder why some days fly by and you seem to have to remind yourself to eat? Are there times in your daily happenings when food seems to be one of the last things that encompass your time and energy? This could very well be entirely true and it’s on days like these that it would behoove us to stop what we are doing, think about what we have been eating and make note of our choices; they could be making the world of difference to your state of approval.

We all have a tummy that adores it when we feed it certain kinds of foods. There are many foods to select from that do our tummy good, pack a punch, work wonders for our waist line and fuel our temple with beneficial options that create weight loss. There is one fabulous food group option to select from that helps our tummy feel content and satisfied down the road like no other food type can. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the one lovely, advantageous, positive food group known as protein. Protein rich choices pack a powerful punch in the department of satisfaction when it comes to filling your tummy and keeping it feeling fuller for a longer period of time.

It would be advantageous for you to include small servings of protein into each and every small meal. The FDA suggests that we have two to three servings of protein in our repertoire on a daily basis. Each serving of protein equates to 4 oz, therefore, three servings would total 12 oz each day. A wonderful habit to partake in would be to divide your protein ounces/day into small segments. Therefore, if you eat five small meals/day, your protein allotment would total just over 2 oz/meal setting.

High-protein food options

~Almonds ~Peanut butter ~Hummus ~Steak ~Chicken breast ~Tuna ~Whey ~Black beans ~Ham ~Eggs ~Cottage cheese ~Milk ~Soy beans ~Soy milk ~Tofu ~Yogurt ~Veggie burger ~Pork ~Beef ~Sunflower seeds ~Flax seed ~Lentils ~Cheddar cheese ~Salmon

There are a tremendous number of ways to include this tummy filling option into each and every meal that you digest. Eating a small amount of low-fat, fat free or lean protein options at each meal helps reduce your appetite. Be sure to include your choices at home, in the car and at the office so no matter where you are you are prepared with filling, satisfying options at your fingertips.

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