I know when you saw this title you went hmmm… that’s right and I am about to blow your mind in a couple of minutes. Let’s start with the word “dazzle” Dazzle according to thefreedictionary.com means to amaze, overwhelm, or bewilder with spectacular display or it could also mean to inspire admiration or wonder. I particularly like the last meaning to inspire admiration. Alright now that dazzle is out of the way, I would like to start with the first one (note this steps could be taken randomly it does not matter which comes first.)

  • Fulfill his/her Fantasy

Yes. I said it find one of your partner fantasy and fulfill it. (Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with) I found out that one way to dazzle your partner is by fulfilling a fantasy without letting them know you stole the idea from them. And the best part of this step is that when they finally find out that what you are doing is exactly how it was in one of their fantasy they completely see you in a new light. For guys this is easy just secretly go through the stash of love novels your girl reads (I know I know we hate those romance novels) and flip through it to the sex scenes (trust me they all have sex scenes) pay attention to what the guy does to the girl pick one of the scenes and try as much as possible to recreate those events in great detail up to the point of what the guy says. You would see your girl completely act and behave in the manner of the girl in the romance novel, because that is her fantasy and she would completely love you for giving it to her. For gals, guys are easy because we are visual creatures and only admire things appealing to the eyes. That’s why to fulfill a guy’s fantasy, play dress-up. Dress up as his favorite female anything, it could be his favorite female musician or female movie star or even his favorite female game or cartoon character and even better guys would never tell you this but secretly find out who his favorite adult star is and dress up like her… immediately his mind would switch instantly to you and get ready for the time of your life because he wouldn’t want to let you go not even for a second (note: guys love repetitions no one timer so choose what you would be comfortable doing again. )

  • Initiate an outrageous but romantic date

You see when people think dates what comes to mind are dinners and movie theaters which are cool but they just get boring after a while and mundane. Find some really engaging activities that would really keep all your adrenaline pumping and bursting with excitements. Fun daring things like sky-diving, (girls best way to get a guy to do an outrageous thing is to challenge his manliness and you would see him jumping off a plane just to prove he is a man and guys just reassure your girl you have done this thousands of times before and you can guarantee her safety. Then she would be comfortable following you.)Scuba diving or deep sea diving, deep cave explorations, even better visit the Grand Canyon, pitch a tent there for a day or two. And if you can afford it go back-packing to a foreign country for a week or two... think of somewhere crazy like the Middle East or Africa. This are things you would normally never do but if you do and experience it with someone you love the bond lasts forever, because it’s a story that never gets boring anytime you tell it or you recall something crazy you did or she/he did.

  • Send a Random Text.

Yes I know, we text our loved ones all time but have you just sent a romantic random text… (I don’t mean the queer I love you I miss you every second text). The random text approach works for guys and gals because no matter who you are, you like to know there is someone out there who is thinking about you and at least have your interest at heart. Here is a model text “I was thinking about you earlier today, and I just wanted to mention that I really like the sound of your voice…” such text instantly signifies to him/her that you are thinking about them and not being queer about it but in a loving manner. If you do that for the rest of the day all he/she would have on his/her mind would be you. And you would know because they get all excited the next time they see you.

  • Give an Unexpected Gift.

Giving gifts is good. Too much of it and people take it for granted none of it and people avoid you. But the magic of Gift-giving is giving a spectacular gift at an unexpected time. You would completely captivate his/her heart when you give an unexpected gift especially if it was a unique gift. The question is how would you decide which gifts are unique and which aren’t? Personally I would vote for a customized electronic frame because you could do so many cool unique things with them. You could get a company to personally customize your digital frame with both your names on it or you could get a specially designed color for your digital photo frame (perhaps his/her favorite color). If you do not wish to do that, because it would cost you a little bit more, you can personally customize your digital frame yourself. You can do this by uploading all the fun times you and him/her have had together, for instance pictures of the outrageous date you went to or you could do like I did, I just upload all the fun photos we have taken over the course of the 4 years we have been together and created my own beautiful time line which was so remarkable and unique because it was like a “just us gift”. My girl loved it so much she mounted the digital frame on her bedroom wall and would not take the electronic frame down for anything in the world.

With this much being said I hope this informational piece has been helpful and shown you new ways to dazzle and gain the respect, love and admiration of your romantic partner. I wish you all the best.

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