Proven Advice For Married Couples Having Problems: Dealing With Marriage Issues

Going through a rough time with your marriage nowadays? Have you been in a fight with your partner again for the third time today? Do you feel that you are already losing your partner and your relationship and there is nothing more you can do about it? You are not alone in this type of situation as there are other married couples who are also struggling with their marriages nowadays and needing help.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Problems will always occur every now and then or sometimes all at once. Even couples who have been married for years still suffer problems as much as newlyweds do. You can however make your marriage last by following some advice for married couples in order for the marriage to cope up with problems.

Tip #1: Value Communication: A good advice for married couples is to value the importance of communication to better understand each other. Many marriages fail because of the lack of communication. Couples sometimes fail to see that all it takes is communication to be able to address issues and problems within the marriage. Call your partner often or send sweet text messages when away from each other.

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Tip #2: Treat Misunderstandings Seriously: A misunderstanding even if only a minor one can go out of hand if not addressed right away. One good advice for married couples is to treat misunderstandings seriously. As much as possible never let a misunderstanding go unresolved for more than a day. Talk it over with your partner. Know when to say the word sorry is another good advice for married couples. If you are really sincere in patching things up then saying sorry is the right thing to do.

Tip #3: Create Special Moments: Another effective advice for married couples is to create special moments such as going on dates once in a while. The date need not be in a fancy restaurant. You can transform a simple dinner to something special by preparing your partner's favorite dish and serving it in a special way. You can also go on a picnic for a change. Another good idea is to treat your partner to a game of his/her favorite team or a pass to a concert of his/her favorite music artist. Going on a holiday or vacation can also help.

Tip #4: Always keep the Passion Alive: Passion is important in a marriage. A good advice for married couples is to make sure that the passion is always there and alive. Always make yourself desirable and always aim to look good.

Tip #5: Respect Each Other: Another sound advice for married couples is to respect each other. Respect is important for a relationship to last. Many relationships break up because respect is abused and taken for granted.

Married life can be a blissful one if the couples will try to make an effort to make the relationship work. Marriage is a partnership and therefore both the husband and the wife are responsible in making the relationship last.

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As relationships age, there are some things that grow old too, and being together may not seem to be as exciting and as fun it once did. You can fix marriage trouble by having both you and your partner put that conscious effort in rekindling the romance that was once present in your relationship. Take some moments to reconnect with your spouse and correct every problem that may have caused your marriage to lose the spark it once had.

Identify, assess and reexamine whatever marital problem you have right now and try to fix them. Whether your marriage problems emanate from unfaithfulness, in-laws or something other issue, make sure you work on these underlying issues before even starting to fix your entire marriage. Leave an open and honest door for communication. This is essential when you are once again learning to trust each other and lean on one another for that emotional support. Talk it out with your partner and discuss the consequences these problems have brought for both parties.

Learn to say sorry and practice the act of forgiveness. A heartfelt and sincere apology can bring miracles in a relationship. Forgive one another's transgressions and shortcomings. It is usual for spouses to make several relationship mistakes. Anyone can just have a bad day, be subject to a significant amount of stress or maybe have poor judgment in dealing with circumstances. Instead of emotionally torturing each other or growing remorse inside your heart, try to apologize and do something to fix it if you made the mistake. If you are the recipient of poor treatment in the relationship, the challenge is for you to accept the apology and be open to your spouse's repair attempts.

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Restore your married life by going out exclusively with your partner once in a while. Arrange for a monthly "romantic dinner date" with your spouse. Make every moment a "first date." Bring back those memories and emotions that you can't seem to get enough with each other's presence. There are many married couples out there who unfortunately stop dating after the big day. Your partner needs to feel how much he or she means to you, and spending quality time with him/her every week will mean a lot. Go out for a romantic dinner and rekindle the first day romance. Gaze into your partner's eyes and make him/her feel like you're young kids once again falling in love for the first time! Money need not to be an issue for this. You can always grab an ice cream cone and take a stroll in a lovely park.

Try to fix yourself as well. Make sure you reexamine and assess your own behavior. You can't control your spouse, but you definitely have full control over yourself and your behavior. A good place to start would be to treat others that way you want them to treat you.

Give your spouse a special place and priority in your life. Your spouse should be the most important and significant other in your life. Give close attention to your spouse's needs. Treat your partner as your best friend-no expectations, just unconditional love.

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Two weeks ago our second son Luke married a wonderful Christian girl. You can imagine how my wife and I felt as we watched Luke and Amanda take their marriage vows. We were so thankful that they found one another. And you could see the joy on their faces as the minister made the declaration-"I now pronounce you man and wife."

But when a couple gets married there is one thing missing from their minds. They are not thinking about the difficult times ahead. And rightly so. This is a time to celebrate. It is not a time to think negative thoughts about the future. But one thing is certain. Difficult times will come. In order to have a successful marriage, a couple needs to know how to handle the stress of life.

Let's stop and list some of the things which place stress on a marriage. The demands at work can place stress on a marriage. If a person spends long hours at work, then they will have less time to work on their marriage. It is sometimes a balancing act to care for your children, and at the same time keep romance alive in your marriage. And finally, sickness of a child, parent, or spouse can place stress on a marriage.

But the number one cause of stress in a marriage is finances. We are now facing a great recession, and some would even say it is a depression. Whether you call it a recession or depression, one thing is certain. There are couples who have worked hard all their lives. But suddenly they cannot pay their bills. And when you cannot pay your bills, this places stress on your marriage.

Let me share with you three steps you can take to reduce the stress in your marriage.

1. Determine what is or is not your fault. Some people take what I call a" machine gun" approach to marital problems. If there is a problem they start firing away at their spouse before they get all the facts. But we need to stop and think through this important question. To what degree is this problem my fault, or my spouse's fault? And to what degree is this problem simply caused by the circumstances of life?

It would be a terrible thing to blame your spouse for the lost of their job when it was the recession that caused them to lose their job. If you blame your spouse when it was not their fault then you will miss the opportunity to show them your love and support. You Will miss the opportunity to help them.

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2. Determine what you can and cannot change about your present situation. I would suggest you and your spouse take out a sheet of paper. List together what you can do about your present situation. Perhaps there are three things you can cut out of your life to save money.

The recession has deeply affected the income of the church I serve, and this has affected my income. One of the first things we did was to go to one car. It's not always easy to schedule what my wife and I need to do. But this saved us a fair amount of money.

3. What you cannot control leave in God's hand. This requires wisdom. I sometimes pray this prayer. "God, give me the wisdom to determine what I can and cannot control, and give me the grace to place in your hands what I cannot control." Indeed God will answer this prayer from the lips his people.

When I was a teenager our neighbor lost his eyes sight. Imagine what it would be like to be in your 40's and suddenly lose your eye sight. This situation placed a great deal of stress on their marriage. My friend even had to go away to school for a short period of time to learn how to deal with his blindness. Even with this stressful situation they had a successful marriage. And you can have a successful marriage if you follow the three steps to reduce stress in your life.

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A sure-short way to tell how a wife speaks about her husband when he is not around is to observe the expression on her friends' faces when greeting them. This is a sound piece of advice that I received from my own husband and I could not agree more. Open admiration is just as impossible to mask as open dislike. Speaking well of your husband, with or without him around works wonders in a marriage for the wife, in the totality of solitude and in the company of her husband as well.

When a woman sings her husband's praises to her friends she makes a conscious decision to overlook his shortcomings and focus on his qualities. The choice to speak only well and not mention the ill is a clear reflection of a woman's own outlook on life. She carries her positivity in her spoken word and her body language wherever she goes and at all times. Her constant focus on the positive is attributed to her cognizant decision to remain approving of her husband's character. She is self-assured at home and when outside, in solitude and in company.

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Women who tend to dig up their husbands' faults as if it were buried treasure consider the follies that they experience as the biggest trophies to boast about. Your focus determines your energy and if your focus is on what your husband does wrong instead of what he does right then every ounce of your being will be spent in laminating that for public display.

In my experiences as a Relationship Coach I have understood the underlying reason behind women focusing on the negatives and not the positives: complaining is more popular than being thankful. Women seldom want to hear a friend harp on about her husband's good qualities since their energy and focus is spent otherwise. As a result women join the ever-growing bandwagon of dissatisfied spouses since it is an undying fashion.

The truth remains that you are coming home to your spouse and your attitude about him behind his back dictates your approach towards him and your relationship with him. The sentences that you roll in your head constantly are the ones you will voice. Open admiration for your husband around him and around your families, particularly your parents not only gives him assurance and confidence, it also gives him a standard to live by. At the risk of sounding like an oft-repeated commercial, the smile on your husband's face when your friends' faces light up with delight to finally meet the love of your life whom you speak so well of, is priceless.

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