Struggle in maintaining the erections and stamina during sex has become the problem for many males. Erectile dysfunction is name of this sexual health disorder. But don’t be a hesitant or no need to feel shy, come and discuss your problem. Diet & Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction are proven efficient way to manage this problem

Home remedies and diet can serve as your 1st aid box to manage the health issues. Similarly in the case of erectile dysfunction, a healthy diet and home remedies are efficient way to manage this sexual disorder to a great extent.In erectile dysfunction, males are not able to maintain the erections during sex. It occurs due to narrowing of blood vessels and inadequate blood supply to penis.

This sexual disorder may be the result of unhealthy eating habits and nutritional deficiency. Other aspects which are also responsible for erectile dysfunction are anxiety, depression, stress, alcohol intake etc.

Diet & Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

1. Foxnuts

  • Use of foxnuts is quite good to improve the sex life in males. It helps to enhance the sperm quantity and for the problem of erectile dysfunction, it is a fruitful home remedy.

How to use

  • Roast the foxnuts into cow ghee.
  • Make powder.
  • Add one teaspoonful of this powder in one glass of milk.
  • Take it twice, morning and night every day for best results.

2. Pumpkin seeds

  • Pumpkin seeds count as another effective home remedy for erectile dysfunction. It contains an essential mineral, zinc which are quite good to improve the male sexual health. These pumpkin seeds help to strengthen veins and arteries. On the other hand, they help to increase the blood circulation to penis area.

How to consume

  • Eat handful of pumpkin seeds daily or roast them and make powder. Use 1 tsp powder of this with a glass of milk.

3. Ladies Finger

  • To cure the sexual problems, use of lady finger is famous since ages in Ayurveda.  It acts as wonderful sexual tonic and beneficial home remedy for erectile dysfunctions.

How to consume

  • Powder of root of lady finger is made.
  • Take 10-12grams of this powder and mix with two tablespoons of mishri powder. Add this mixture into a glass of warm milk
  • Its consumption of daily is quite good for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions.
  • For noticeable change consume it two times in a day.

4. Onions

  • Being packed with the aphrodisiac properties, onions also come in the category of effective home remedies to improve the erectile dysfunctions.

How to use

  • Make onion soup and consume it before going to bed.

5. Garlic

  • Garlic contains an antioxidant, Allicin that helps to strengthen the sexual organs and also maintains proper blood circulation.  Hereby use of the garlic is quite good to treat the erectile dysfunction.

How to use

  • Consume the 3 - 4 cloves on a regular basis for two- three months.
  • You can also fry the cloves in cow ghee until they turn golden brown.  Frying the cloves in cow ghee is good to remove the heat from garlic but it retains the aphrodisiac qualities. Consume it daily for longer period. Consume it on a regular basis for longer period.

6. Walnut and honey

  • Walnuts are packed with iron and zinc that helps to improve the sexual performance in males. Arginine, an amino acid   present in walnut produces the nitric oxide. This nitric oxide helps in the dilation of blood vessels and increases the blood flow to sexual organs. Whereas honey possess the aphrodisiac properties that helps to enhance the stamina and strength in males.

How to use

  • Roast the walnut and make powder.
  • Take half teaspoon of walnut powder in one teaspoon of honey.
  • Another option is you can add half teaspoon of walnut powder in warm milk.
  • Consume it on regular basis.

7. Ginger

  • Inadequate blood supply to penis is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Use of Ginger is also considered as an amazing fruitful home remedy for erectile dysfunctions.  On the other hand, ginger also enhances blood circulation to sex organs.

How to consume

  • Make ginger powder.
  • Take one tablespoon of both of ginger powder and honey (pinch of ginger powder with 1 tbsp honey)
  • Consume it with one half boiled egg before bedtime. 
  • Consume it regularly to observe the noticeable change in sexual performance.

Dietary guidelines for erectile dysfunction

  • Consume the vegetables which are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin-c and potassium like sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and red bell peppers. Also take the green leafy vegetables like broccoli and asparagus.
  • Consume the fruits like watermelon, banana, apples, oranges etc.
  • Include the dry fruits in your diet like date, figs, flax seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts and raisins.
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