If You're Fed Up With The Biting Pain And Limited Mobility Of A Frozen Shoulder Keep Reading - Because You're About To Discover The Medically Proven Steps To Getting Your Shoulder (And Your Life) Back On Track…

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Dear Friend,

Every day, thousands of people develop adhesive capsulitis... more commonly known as "frozen shoulder."

I've personally met and worked with 100's of them over the years, and it's not a pleasant condition.

Even if you have a mild case of frozen shoulder, you're likely to suffer from nagging pain with the slightest arm movements or even while sitting still.

And what most people don't realize is, the pain is just the first stage (known as the "freezing stage"). After the pain sets in, your shoulder will slowly lose more and more mobility. You might already be in this next stage, or it could be just around the corner.

Fun activities you used to enjoy are no longer an option. From golf and swimming to tennis and gardening. And daily activities becoming a frustrating chore as you struggle to reach items on high shelves or even put on your clothes.

Sound all too familiar?

If you find yourself suffering from...

Significant shoulder pain
Shoulder stiffness
Limited range of motion
Onset of symptoms without injury
Certain motions more limited than others
Difficulty sleeping
...Then you are likely experiencing a case of frozen shoulder.

Many people don't realize that frozen shoulder will actually go away on its own. But unfortunately, it can be 2-3 years before that happens.

And in the mean time, you're stuck with throbbing pain and the inability to enjoy the activities and abilities you used to take for granted.

But keep reading, because in a moment I'm going to explain some simple, low pain steps you can take to get your frozen shoulder back on track... eliminate your pain... and restore the full range of motion so you can get back to your life!


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