At the crux of the matter is that if you really want to remove that belly fat then exercise is going to have be done. Some diet programs advocate that you need not exercise at all and that all youn really need to do is to count calories carefully which can work but believe me by doing these types of exercises you will be increasing the speed that you burn belly fat a great deal. Why? Well ,because allied to that fact that you will burn off a good few calories simply doing the exercise you will furthermore experience an elevated level of your metabolic rate for the following few hours. So, as regard exercise what precisely ought I to be doing in order to burn belly fat fast?

Well first of all I will tell you what NOT to do:

Do not do endless sit-ups crunches or whatever else is the latest fad exercise to come on to the market is. Focussing on the ab group opf muscles when exercising will improve the strength and endurance of those muscles but it will most defintly not do anything to help you lose belly fat! Just because you stress your abs with different exercises does not automatically mean that weight will be dropped from that particular area. Fat will come off your body in the reverse order to which it was put on. So if the final place that your body enlarged in fat size was your chin then that is where it is going to first come off from, not your stomach regardless of how many crunches you perform!

Do not do long steady state exercises such as jogging for hours on end. OK this is better than nothing and for years was the standard recommendation for weight loss but to be honest things have moved on a bit since then.

So then, what exactly is the best way to lose belly flab?
Well, you can work off an equal amount of calories as jogging in a great deal less time and give your metabolic rate a significant boost by performing only 20 mins of intense interval training (HITT). An effective training session could look like this

On atreadmill go through a short warm-up, do a minute walking followed by two or three minutes jogging slowly. Next after you hit the three minute mark raise the speed to around 90% of your maximum effort level. This will be very tough to maintain but try and do so for 2 minutes. At the end of the 2 minutes reduce the speed to a 50% effort level, this should be a slow jog and allow you to get your breathe back. The next thing is to perform two mins at a level of 90% of your maiximum effort once more followed by a minute break of steady jogging. Try and keep doing this cycle for at least 20 minutes. The first time you do it, it will be tough and you may have to reduce the timings, that is no problem, you can try to improve on them each workout.

This same type of workout can be applied to most activities such as swimming, rowing, cycling and so on and it will improve your fitness level and work of more calories than steady state activity will and also it is a lot less boring and time consuming!

The second type of exercise to do is weight training which is possibly the best way to lose stomach fat. I know you do not want to develop arms bulging with muscle you wan to get rid of belly fat, don't fear you certainly won't be looking like Arnie any time soon. Enlarging your muscle mass will help you in the fight to lose weight and enormous amount. The reason being for this is that your muscle tissue needs a great deal of calories just to kep it functioning properly and in a healthy state throughout the day. Increased muscle mass therefore equates to more calories used up (even during times when you are doing nothing) and that is not too even mention the workouts themselves which will get through a heap of calories and ramp up your metabolism significantly also.

A great workout with weights for belly fat loss could include doing three sets of these exercises: lateral pull downs, squats, bench-press, overhead press and dead lifts. You should aim to do between 10-12 repetitions and the last rep should be tough to complete so alter the weight accordingly. You can even perform this following you 20 minutes of interval training which I can guarantee will provide your metabolism with a huge boost.

Attempt to do two weight training session each week plus a further three interval training sessions also. Combining this with a sensible diet including foods that increase metabolism (do not starve yourself!) what is more you will make great strides in burning belly fat fast. If you really want to burn belly fat fast I highly recommend you read the following article: Review Fat Burning Furnace as this program covers all you need to know and more.

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