You want to accelerate your success. The very foundation of success acceleration is the fact that some of the principles you have in your belief window are not completely accurate, and they must be changed.

Change the principles in your belief window that are not true, and you will be well on your way to accelerated success.

Consistency is the best measurement of a well-managed life, and time is the great equalizing factor that establishes a demanding reality for each of us. It is said that we can all experience our fifteen minutes of fame, but the test of real achievement must be held in the balance of an entire life.

In other words, through the years and during the significant events of our lives a pattern will begin to emerge. If we are seeking real achievement and success, our choices and decisions should consistently have a positive effect on all six areas namely: spiritual, social, educational, home and family, physical and health, and financial.

An individual who has been unsuccessful at implementing his plan may need to change his though processes, beginning with the principles in his window. Change is very difficult and can often be painful. But it is the willingness to change that is the key to success acceleration.

A person cannot keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results.

Success Acceleration is about quickening the art of personal achievement. That means we want to learn how to do the things that work faster. Speed is a major key to success, because things change rapidly in our modern world, and we must adapt to those changes.

We need other people to help us.

Your success can only be as stable as its foundation. The foundation is laid in your mind, because the way you think determines what you do. The actions you must take to execute a plan for success require a tremendous amount of mental focus and emotional energy.

Understanding why you are doing what you are doing gives you the power to make the choice to change your actions. If you are willing to change, you will.

It is that simple.

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