The Health Ministry will make amendments to the NDCT rules for including the provisions in relation to the registration of the requirements for registration of Standalone BA labs. For this, the ministry has drafted a notification, and the rule is called New NDCT Amendment rules 2021. They will come into action on the date when they will finally be published in the official gazette.
Several representations were made that several BA labs that were involved in analyzing the biological samples of BA/BE studies are an integral part of the BA/BE study center and thus need regulation along with BA/BE study centers.

A proposal was made to make an amendment of the NDCT rules 2019 for including the provision of registration of stand-alone Bio-analytical laboratories by including the word analytical part in the definition as follows – BA and BE study centre. This means a centre that has been created for undertaking BA study or BE study of a drug for either the clinical part or the analytical part or both of them.

In the NDCT rules 2019, in rule 2 and sub-rule one and clause g after the words clinical part and before the words "or for both," the word "or analytical part" has been inserted. All these principle rules were published in the Gazette of India through notification number GSR 227 E.

The draft of some specific rules to amend the New Drugs and Clinical trials rules, 2019, that was proposed by the central Government for exercising the powers conferred by subsection and in consultation with the Drugs Technical Advisory Board is published for every person's information who are likely to be affected.

The notice is also given that all said draft rules will be taken into consideration on or after the expiry of 15 days starting from the date on which the copies of the Gazette of India having these draft rules will be made available to the public.

A person with any suggestions or objections within the specified period will be considered by the central Government. All these must be addressed to the Under Secretary, Union Health Ministry, Government of India, Room no- 434 A-wing, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi -110011.
Drugs BA implies the rate and the extent to which all of their active ingredients are adequately absorbed after a dose. Bioequivalence suggests generic drugs as exchangeable to the branded ones with the same therapeutic and side effect profiles.

According to rule 2(g) of NDCT rules 2019, BA and BE study centre implies a centre that has been created to undertake BA or BE study of a drug for either clinical part or both clinical and analytical part. All these rules are applicable nowadays for all new drugs, investigational new drugs for the use of human, clinical trials, BE study, and Ethics committee.BA lab is responsible for analyzing the biological samples that are received from the BA/BE centers.

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