Changes and improvements are required in any and every field in order to strive for something better than before. XHTML application is one such example of improvement in the field of website development in order to obtain more customized and better performing websites. As the name suggests, this application is a modified and improved version of HTML application that has been deigned to fill over the deficiencies, HTML used to leave in the development process. XHTML is W3C mark up language that comes in various versions that provides better features as the versions grow. Nowadays companies extensively employ PSD to XHTML Conversion in their websites instead of HTML to provide them better functionality and popularity on the web. Designs prepared on PSD files are not enough from the point of view of uploading them on a live server and thus they need to be coded into a markup language that used to be HTML before but is rapidly shifting to XHTML nowadays.

Just as XHTML is used for developing customized websites, many CMS and ecommerce tools are also required in order to manage the content and web stores in an organized and effective manner. One such popular and effective CMS tool is Joomla that helps to manage the content and information available on the website. Joomla is an open source CMS tool that has the capability of producing powerful online applications and websites. This tool is easy to use and freely available to everyone on the net. The PSD to Joomla conversion helps provides a website with the necessary functionality that is required for it to be launched on various websites. It helps the developers to convert the designs into the desired size of templates. The convenience and surety provided by this application has increased its popularity immensely amongst companies and developers.

Oscommerce is another powerful ecommerce tool that helps to design and manage well-organized and successful online web stores. It has provided the customers with a simplified online shopping experience and payment options. Its specialties lie in the number of web programs it supports including my SQL, Linux, and PHP. This improves the scope of its usage and employment. PSD to Oscommerce conversion ensures customized web stores that are designed as per the client’s specific business requirements. Other kind of advantages offered by PSD to Oscommerce includes its installation and configuration for PHP code development, template generation and many more.

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