A special quote "All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work" was quoted by John Calvin Coolidge Jr., the 30th president of the United States. Children, without a doubt, are young minds, unaware of the alien world, whose development depends upon, the cumulative effort of their respective family members and themselves too. Child psychology is one of those areas which is frequently studied by numerous parents as, they try to comprehend their respective children's behavior and development. It isn't an easy job as; the morphing in their thinking is too fast.

This particular branch focuses on the various stages of development, right from the prenatal age up till adolescence; not just physical development is concerned but, also their mental, social and emotional development is also covered under this topic. It is a unique but, complex arena, which still requires thorough research, in order to understand a child's brain. Comprehension of all actions and movements of a child can be viewed from numerous angles, which when done can produce numerous meanings in every word they speak and much more.

Right from the time, a child starts speaking from the age of 1.5 yrs-2 yrs, their development begins. Infancy and childhood are two stages where the brain is pure and unfathomed from any organic changes. The external influences and individual perceptions are in most cases the basis of development. Such changes can be negative or positive, depending upon the circumstances. Slowly and gradually, as their brain matures, children start taking wise and meaningful decisions, which embarks a new stage of development in them known as teenage period.

Maturity and development are two complex modes which are deeply entangled with each other. Growth occurs when both of them are present at one place and go hand in hand. Adjusting to demands of a family, maintaining cordial relations with friends and relatives & dividing time for education, sports as well as other recreational activities is equally important. In order to maintain a perfect balance between all the commotion, making good decisions tests their wits and grasp of the situation. These qualities help in understanding the areas where they can excel and make a good career out of it.

Teenage is one of those periods of development where, they want freedom to enjoy, are more concerned about their body image & clothes, are influenced more by friends and have an increased ability to sense what is right and wrong. This stage of development is the most crucial and a deciding factor for their future. At times, they take wrong decisions; they are a result of either bad company or attraction of a teenage towards the wrong path. In such cases, their psyche goes through a lot of turbulence which, when unable to handle, give up and go the easy way out. Trying to escape a situation may be the easiest way to evade problems, but, that cannot continue forever.

Parents, as their right guardians need to guide them on the right path, in order to make their lives better and give them a bright future. Though, it may be a long shot but, as the protectors of their future, no matter how harsh a step maybe, it needs to be implemented, in order to make them realize the graveness o f their mistakes.

The most important aspect of child psychology is gaining their trust, trust of those who haven't matured, those who haven't seen the way how the world works. Deceptions and gains are what an impure world can offer and making a child, go astray, thus, it is indeed important to know a their behavioral patterns and understand the circumstances they face everyday. To protect the future, a few measures in today's date can evade many problems which may occur due to any kind of negligence from the parents' side. Therefore, cherish their development, yet, be cautious about their thinking and actions. We wish all the parents a very best of luck in handling their wards.

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