I remember a lady who asked me to help her with a situation regarding psychic attack. In this instance it was particularly unpleasant. The lady worked in a hospital where there was a nurse who was familiar with Voodoo magic. She was using it on patients and staff, terrifying all with whom she came into contact. Eventually, the woman had been found out. The lady who came to me asking for help had been volunteered to fire this woman. Her colleagues had been offering her everything, from prayer to rosary beads in order to help her.

I began to look into the energy of both the situation and the woman directing the voodoo magic. I decided to use an ancient Egyptian method to harmonise the level of psychic attack. It involved directing the energy the woman was giving out back to her. I sent the voodoo energy back to her. Apparently, the next day she had altered from a very aggressive and confrontational person who had refused to leave, to someone who was very frightened. She handed in her resignation and left, leaving the staff and patients in peace!

Psychic attack in this instance is exaggerated and fortunately is rare but on a day-to-day basis we do come across some form of psychic attack quite often. We are the victim of constant psychic attack and we have psychically attacked others at some point in our life. Psychic attack is the direction of psychic energy towards a situation or person that has a negative basis. For example, when you feel someone is angry or upset with you, they are directing a ‘psychic attack’ towards you. Similarly, you direct a ‘psychic attack’ when you hold anger or resentment towards another.

We have all come across people in our life who drain our energy field. When you are in their company you feel drained and exhausted. They are unconsciously using your energy, therefore attacking your auric field and taking energy from you without your conscious permission. They don’t mean to; it simply means that they are absorbing energy from a stronger field.

How do you protect yourself from psychic attack?

There are many ways to protect and build your energy field to protect it from ‘psychic attack’. One of the most basic, yet crucial way is to be responsible for your own thoughts and energy system. For you to be reading this, you will be a ‘sensitive’. Your senses will be a lot more alert than the majority of the population, therefore you will be more sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. Your energy will also be stronger than most. If you feel negativity towards another person, they will receive a stronger ‘psychic attack’ than if it came from someone with a less developed sensitivity.

There are many ways to protect your energy field, too numerous to mention here, but the most important thing to remember is to be conscious of how your energy interacts with the world. What excites you? What depletes you?

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