Spirit communicates with us daily in varied ways. I receive most of my spirit communication through translating symbols. For example, when I see a hawk gently gliding in the sky, I watch and listen. My internal point (Higher Self) hears the message. When I receive the message, I always say thank you. There are so many ways to receive communication from spirit.
I look through and at the world with eyes of listening. My eyes hear and my ears see. By calming your thoughts regarding immediate situations and looking outside the box, your world will open up in ways that are profound and highly empowering.
Spirit communication is so subtle that it can be missed. Daily, one hears songs but the words go unnoticed. A familiar person may walk by, but most do not take the time to consider who that person may be. A random thought goes by and is hardly acknowledged. By being focused, you are aligning to your Spirit Guides and the messages that are given daily.
Dreams are one means that spirit uses to communicate with us. Your higher self receives messages and works out solutions that aid in your development. Always have a journal or tablet available and take quick notes when you wake up. Your waking thoughts can be fleeting. Writing in your journal as you wake up is essential to remembering the messages you receive. You will be surprised at how much information filters in upon awakening.

Meditation is the Key to Awakening

Spirit communication is very subtle and takes dedication and focus to allow the messages to flow. Learning to relax the conscious mind is essential and often is the most difficult part of hearing the messages. By learning to still your thoughts and to be at a place of inner peace, you are allowing your internal conditions to be primed for hearing messages on all levels.
New patterns of thought are difficult to achieve, they take dedication and practice. Develop a plan and stick with it while not expecting immediate gratification. In time, the patience, practice, and dedication will pay off.
You are working towards calming your inner thoughts during meditation. It’s not only about silencing, it’s also about reacting properly when a thought comes in. Gently acknowledge the thought, and give yourself the gift of allowing the thought to gently drift away.
Meditation is an essential step in your personal development. I teach daily about the A,B,C’s (Awareness, Belief, and Courage). The most critical point is courage. It takes a lot of work to become aware of and to open our senses in a profound way.
Outside stimulus can be distracting if we allow it to be. By practicing internal silence you are giving yourself the gift of space. Creating space within your mind will allow you to be open and ready for spirit messages.
When opening up to learn this skill, remember that an important aspect is patience. Expecting too much too soon can cause frustration, which will slow your progress. Practicing patience and understanding will help you move forward in your development.

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Laura Lyn feels drawn to teach about the angels, spirit, and guiding loved ones who have passed and about how they influence a persons every day existence. Her book “Healing With The Angel Rays” illustrates how the light beings works in a persons every day world. Laura currently lectures and teaches what she has learned to students locally and through media worldwide. For more information, please visit www.angelreader.net