We all have the ability to tap into our own sense of inner knowing. This is the part of us that guides us on our life’s journey. It is an inherent knowledge that, when identified, can inform us as to which course of action we should take. Some believe that our inner guide is our connection to the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind represents the realm of higher consciousness. It is within this realm, we experience our spiritual truths and connection to humanity in its entirety.

By tapping into our own inner guides we can merge with this all knowing energy. It has the ability to bring us peace, harmony and inner balance. It also has the ability to awaken our psychic intuition and awareness. Typically, good psychic readers have access to this realm during a psychic reading. They are in tune with the Universal Mind and channel its energy during a psychic reading. Although we associate a great deal of mystery and reverence to those that have obvious psychic abilities, we often take for granted that these abilities lie within our own selves. Connecting to our own inner guides helps are own psychic abilities activate.

There are many approaches to establishing a connection to one’s inner guide. By far, the most common is meditation and visualization. The key, however, is finding a process that works for you. Most importantly, all approaches require consistency and practice. The more time you dedicate to developing your connection to your inner guide, the easier it will be to tune into the wisdom of your inner guide. You may also begin to experience an all knowing, psychic knowledge that can help guide you on your journey.

As you begin the process of working with your inner guide, there will be a period in which you need to start to trust its voice. The basic principle in developing trust is to take things one step at a time. It would be wise to set some goals that are achievable. Once these are accomplished, your confidence and trust will grow. Slowly, you will develop the confidence to believe in yourself and set some new goals. By taking things slowly and allowing yourself to experience the rewards of accomplishing reachable goals in connecting with your inner guide, you will start to feel a sense of inner balance and peace. Delving into the unknown will not appear as frightening as it once did. Your new found sense of inner harmony and psychic intuition will give you courage to face your fears and follow the true path of your heart.

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Carolyn Naiman is a professional Tarot reader and a contributing editor to http://bestonlinepsychics.com She has a Masters in Psychology and has been a Tarot advisor since 1998.