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This article will focus on psychic premonitions and dreams, emphasizing the difference between psychic dreams and nightmares, and the positive insights that both provide. I have been asked a number of times, whether a recurring nightmare could be a telepathic message, containing psychic predictions about negative future manifestations.

The thought of a scary and disturbing dream becoming true, can be very upsetting! So I would like to minimize the negativity around this subject, and clarify some common misunderstandings about psychic dreams, nightmares and the nature of their messages.

According to my knowledge and experience in psychic dream work, there is a clear distinction between psychic or telepathic dreams -- and nightmares.

For example, some typical nightmares, such as dreaming of a lover who betrays you, or losing all your money, or losing something you are attached to, are not signs of authentic telepathic predictions. Real psychic dreams do not contain negative feelings or emotions. On the contrary, experiencing them can be very positive and uplifting.


A psychic dream contains information, which predicts something positive, mostly to do with the person's personal growth and spiritual evolution. It may even be a positive message about a friend or a loved one or even a pet! This information is sent to you from higher dimensions, from your Spirit Guides, or from your loved ones who have passed away, to guide you and give you more understanding about something important in your life.

Nightmares are not necessarily telepathic dreams!


Contrary to what we have a tendency to believe, even if they are unpleasant, nightmares do not contain any negative or disturbing meaning. They are simply messages from the subconscious mind, their purpose is informative and enlightening!

They provide valuable information about difficult situations and challenges in your life, which you may have tried to resolve for some time! They are a suggestion to clear long-standing blocks and get unstuck! The are like a wake up call!

So rather than being afraid of a nightmare, you can consider it a friendly, helpful resource, a carrier of valuable and empowering insights! Use its guidance to change or improve your life, to get yourself unstuck from stagnant situations, move on towards your goals and successfully manifest your desires!


The subconscious mind is very powerful, it holds 95% of the mind's power and runs most of our daily lives. It takes care of every autonomic function in the body, and is always active, running in the background. It controls ours behaviors, decisions and actions,

If you are facing challenges that seem impossible to overcome using logical rational approaches, it is probably because they have a deep root in the subconscious mind.

Unfortunately while we are conscious or awake, it is almost impossible to access the deepest layers of the subconscious and find the source of the problems. It requires either to be in a deep hypnotic state, deep meditation or dreaming, for this part of the mind to be present and to interact with us.

So communicating with your subconscious through your dreams, and interpreting the messages of nightmares, offers a way to access information about the hidden beliefs that run in the background,which impact you every day life, showing up as blocks and getting in your way!


Here is a practical example: if you happen to have a dream about a lover who is cheating on you, rather than considering it as a negative self-fulfilling prophecy, know that your subconscious mind is only trying to communicate with you, letting you know, that -- even if you may not consciously know it -- you have a deep fear of being abandoned or rejected, which in turn may keep you from experience nurturing, loving relationships, or success, and that if your goal is to have a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, it is time for you to let go and heal this fear!!


It is important at this point, to talk about the power of hidden negative emotions and beliefs, and how they can impact your life. If we have a strong subconscious fear about something, this fear can surface in dreams, but also, may end up attracting what we are afraid of, showing up as real occurrence.

This explains why sometimes, if an unpleasant element in a nightmare, may actually happen in real life, it is regarded as a psychic premonition

According to modern science and quantum physics, beliefs,thoughts and emotions, are made of measurable waves of energy, and continuously broadcast their frequencies into the environment and into the electromagnetic field of the Cosmos.


The Law of Attraction (Law of Resonance in Quantum Physics) states that thoughts and feelings act like mirrors, they magnetize and attract back, similar frequencies.

An emotion such as fear has a low and very heavy magnetic energy field, and if it is very powerful when rooted in the subconscious mind, since running in the background, is continuously emitting its negative charge, magnetizing back to us, the same heavy negative energy frequency, attracting situations and circumstances which end creating the things we want the least or what we are afraid of!


So if you have recurring nightmares, you can try to remember them as soon as you wake up, keep a journal about your dreams, and do your best to interpret their message and identify possible subconscious fears or negative subconscious beliefs.

Having a quality psychic reading, consulting with a trustworthy intuitive reader with expertise in psychic dreams and nightmares interpretation, is the best way to access this information.

Once identified, fears can be healed and neutralized, dissolving their negative charge, eliminating their interference in your body, mind and your everyday life!

Authentic Psychic Counseling, Medical Intuition, Law of Attraction Coaching, Hypnosis, EFT, NLP, or a combination of them, are very effective methods to shift negative conditioning and reprogram the mind with positive healthy beliefs, which will reflect in positive results in every area of your life, financial, relationships, career, health.

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Intuitive Counselor, Clairvoyant,(M.A.) in Neurolinguistic Science, (thesis in Psychoanalysis and Dreams Psychology), Certified Hypnotherapist (C.H.t.), Certified NLP Practitioner, REIKI Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, Law of Attraction Coach, Minister of the Universal Life Church

Annalena has assisted many people in solving long-lasting problems and achieve success in relationships, finances, career, and other areas of their life path!
Her philosophy is "There Are No Permanent Obstacles, Negative Outcomes Can Be Changed Into Positive Ones".

She is most recognized for her gift to scan and tap into the electromagnetic field of energy of people, and to shift the energy frequency, removing blockages that create problems and keep them stuck.
Her published work includes a book " The History of Organized Crime in America". She has also written several fairy tales, one of which- "The Violet and the Butterfly" won the third prize in the European contest "Hans Christian Andersen's Bay of the Fairy Tales", and was translated into Swedish and Italian. Currently she writes about subjects such as Hypnosis, the Power of the Subconscious Mind and Subconscious Beliefs, the Law of Attraction, Energy Medicine, Cellular Memories, Dream Work and Interpretation.