Psychic Email Readings vs Psychic Phone Readings? 95% of the clients who come to me prefer a written consultation and there are several reasons for it.

Many of my clients live on the other side of the World, I am in the UK, they are often in Australia, USA, China, Philippines etc, where there are huge time differences. It could be very inconvenient for them to make sure they speak to me during my normal hours, it might mean staying up virtually all night.

But even the clients who live in the UK who could speak to me by phone without having to consider a time different also prefer an email psychic reading and I suspect it is because they can make sure that they put down all of what is bothering them or what they want to know, they can carefully consider their wording and write and rewrite it until they have perfected it. Phone calls are spur of the moment and no matter how long you have waited to speak to me the actual call is made up as it goes along where you can often say something then regret it or forget to say something.

One of the main reasons why people prefer to consult me via email is that they want a written record of exactly what they said to me and what I said to them. It is there in black and white, there are no chance of mishearing things or remembering them differently, no chance of me having said yes but they preferring to think I said maybe, and if they wanted some sort of reassurance over a relationship or other serious issue it is comforting to have it there on a printed out piece of paper which they can hold and read as many times as needed. Somehow it makes those words more real to see them. They can also show it to their loved ones, so their loved ones know that I really did say that, it is not them making it up or exaggerating or leaving bits out where it suits. This often happens with a phone consultation. I can get a woman ask me something like "WILL MY HUSBAND LEAVE THAT OTHER WOMAN AND COME BACK TO ME?" and say a definite no yet she might choose to remember it as a maybe or yes.

Everyone is different. Yes there are the call centres and the agencies where you can ring them and speak to someone instantly but you never get anyone there who is properly developed and experienced, nobody of that calibre would work for such low pay or sit by the phone for hours waiting for one short call. If you are only seeking a session for a bit of fun or because you are bored that is fine, but when you need definite accurate help then it is better to make an appointment to speak to someone who is more popular and more able to help. You need to find a reader who can gel with you and who you feel comfortable with, especially if you are planning to consult them on a regular basis.

So although the serious client realises they have to seek out the properly qualified and experienced psychic or tarot card reader there is still the question of Psychic Email Readings vs Psychic Phone Readings?

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