So, in the event that an adult has a psychic experience, a phenomenon strong enough that it is impossible to ignore, the gut reaction can often be to ask “Am I crazy?” Of course, the old adage is that crazy people don’t ask if they are crazy, because they have no idea they might be. Using that logic, one can assume that contact with psychic phenomenon simply occurred, and the mental state of that individual has not deteriorated in any fashion. In fact, the occurrence of a psychic phenomenon often results in heightened creativity in the psychic individual, as often fantasy and creative explanations can develop.

Quite often, individuals who experience their hyperawareness, or sometimes, just have their first brush with the astral or psychic plane, often worry that they might be crazy because of this. After all, without guidance, or understanding what is happening, it is easy to worry that the problem is internal, that the individual is at fault, and not actually blessed with additional awareness to the psychic realm. The fact is, psychic advice and the ability to be psychic have a very strong stigma associated with them, so for many, it seems easier to believe that something must be wrong with them, as opposed to something being very right.

That being said, experiencing a psychic phenomenon is not a precursor to insanity, and certainly does not mean that the eventuality of experiencing psychic phenomenon is that is must lead to insanity. More likely, confusion causes this issue, because not many individuals are given the opportunity to study and hone their psychic abilities when younger. In the way that many people have intrinsic knowledge about scenarios in their life that might confuse someone from a foreign land or culture, people are confused by psychic experiences if they have no knowledge of the subject. As a result, if you have experienced some sort of psychic phenomenon that you cannot understand, the best help that one can get is to speak with a psychic individual near you. By reaching out to other psychics, either online, by phone or in person, an individual can begin to learn about their psychic phenomenon and how to handle a similar experience in the future.

In order to understand whether or not a psychic experience should make one question their sanity, there is one large point that must first be addressed: every individual has potential and a degree of psychic ability. Many people attempt to push this away, or ignore that it could exist, but often, people find themselves presented with it even when they do not expect it to. For example, when one experiences strong déjà vu, predicts something before it occurs, or sees patterns where others see coincidences. All of these different experiences can be a situation wherein a positive psychic experience has occurred. With children, these experiences tend to be more common, and more often shared between individuals, as children lack many of the mental blocks and barriers people place as they grow older and become more set in their thoughts.

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