There are numerous articles, videos and books available that go into how important it is for someone to protect themselves from ‘negative’ energy. Furthermore, there is a lot of information that goes into how this can be done.

When someone does this, they will create a strong energetic boundary around themselves. What this will do is stop another person’s negativity from being able to affect them.

The Same

Therefore, in the same way that clothes will protect their physical body from the elements, an energetic bubble will protect their mental, emotional and physical self from elements that can’t be seen. Or, to be more accurate, elements that can’t be picked up by the five senses.

And, as the ‘negative’ energy of others can’t be seen by the five senses, it can be easy to overlook it. As a result of this, there are those who are aware of how important it is to protect themselves in this way and there are those that aren’t.

The Outcome

So, when someone can relate to the former, they are likely to be in a better position when it comes to looking after their wellbeing than the latter. The reason for this is that, instead of believing that their inner state is always defined by what is going on for them, they will be able to think about if it is because of who they are spending time with, for instance.

Yet, if this is something that they are not aware of, they can put it down to something else. For example, they could believe that they just feel down and drained or are going through a rough patch.

More to It

Nonetheless, to take one step back, it won’t just be the people who they spend time with who will impact them. It will also relate to the people who they have spent time with and are no longer in their life.

This can be an old boss, a previous partner or a family member, for instance. Therefore, it won’t be necessary for them to still spend time with someone in order for them to have an impact on them.

Another Angle

However, although someone can go down this route and use techniques or external entities to protect them, what if there is another approach? At this point in time, this might seem to be the only thing that they can do.

But, what if, by believing that they need to protect themselves from what is going on ‘out there’, they are actually undermining themselves? Now, if they were to consider this, they could doubt that this is possible.

Going Deeper

Assuming that this is the case, it will be important for them to learn about something called the law of resonance. What this law states is that they, along with everyone and everything else, are made up of vibrating energy.

Ergo, for them to be able to pull something or something towards them, there has to, be an energetic match. Without this match, then, it won’t be possible for them to come into contact with someone or attain something.

The Connection

With this in mind, if their being is being impacted by someone who is or was in their life, it is likely to show that there is something inside their field that is a match with what they are energetically broadcasting. If this wasn’t so, it wouldn’t be possible for them to have an impact on them.

Still, even if they were able to accept this, they could say that they are a positive person, for instance, and are nothing like this person. If they do respond in this way, what they will need to keep in mind is that they don’t begin and end with their conscious mind.

Two Levels

In other words, even if they are a ‘positive’ person, it doesn’t mean that they are not carrying ‘negativity’ at a deeper level. When it comes to this part of them, a part that is bigger and stronger than their conscious mind, there can be repressed pain, unmet development needs and parts of themselves that they have rejected, among other things.

This material, along with what is going on for them at a conscious level, is what largely defines what they pull in and repel. Thus, where they go and don’t go, who they meet and don’t meet and what does or doesn’t happen to them is not random.

Going Deeper

Additionally, it has also been said that someone doesn’t live in the world, they live in the mirror. Based on this, what is going on ‘out there’ is a reflection of what is held inside their consciousness.

As opposed to the ‘negativity’ that is coming from someone ‘out there’ being a sign that there is an energetic match, then, what is going on ‘out there’ will merely be a symbolic representation of what is going on for them. This means that there is no one ‘out there’ let alone anyone who can harm them.


Irrespective of whether it comes to the law of resonance and/or seeing the world as a mirror, what stands out is that one is not merely a passive observer of reality. Due to this, it will be vital for them to be discerning when it comes to what they believe and feed into.

Without this understanding in place, they will unknowingly co-create and sustain a reality that is not serving them and give their power away in the process. Taking this into account, for them to keep ‘negativity’ away, their best route is probably to face and resolve their own 'negativity’ and become more integrated.

Lastly, the view that someone needs to protect themselves from something ‘out there’ can be seen as a consequence of what happens when spirituality and ego consciousness are blended together. The first part makes it clear that there is more than what the five senses can pick up and the second part creates the sense that someone is separate from what is going on out there, which will naturally give them the need to protect themselves from external forces.

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