Do we understand those little signs and messages that come into our lives every day? Do we pay them attention, or dismiss them as coincidence?
“There is no such thing as coincidence” – a saying we hear often! It is true to say there is no such thing as coincidence; all is pre-planned on a sub-conscious level or a reflection of your inner being.
The visible signs surrounding you are symbols of your invisible world. Challenges are there to reflect aspects of your inner world that need attention. For the aspiring or budding psychic, the symbols can be more exaggerated. Sometimes they will show as challenge after challenge, or give a feeling of everything in your life speeding up. At other times, it can show as items manifesting apparently on their own.
One summer I was running around looking for sun-screen for my very blonde little boy. Being so blonde he didn’t have much hair at that time and I was worried about the sun being so hot on his delicate skin. Fuming that I couldn’t find any, I put him in the car to go around to a friend’s house to drop off a gift.
I left my friend and drove back home. When I arrived I had a confused phone call from her. “Heidi, did you drop some sunscreen”? I hadn’t, obviously, but I was sure looking for some! My friend continued, “I just found a brand new tube of factor 20 sun block on my driveway a minute or two after you left. I certainly don’t use that factor, so I assumed it must be yours”.
The pattern of your thinking changes as you develop the psychic side of your nature. As a result, it is common for such strange happenings to occur. As your inner programming is altered, you begin to project a new energy field. Life and people around you will respond to the new energy. The signs are gentle nudges from the universe, from your higher-self, your guides and angels. Ultimately, you are the creator of your destiny and there are no wrong choices, just signs to illuminate your path.
Thanking the Universe, I went back to collect the tube and wondered “what a coincidence” – or was it?

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