When we think of a psychic attack, we may image a ball or other form of negative energy flying from the attacker to the victim. This imagery is quite rudimentary and is somewhat of a male stereotype: "I'm giving you something you don't want to take".

(The female stereotype of a psychic attack is: "I'm taking from you something you don't want to give." This usually takes the form of subtle psychic seduction or manipulation rather than direct psychic attack.)

If the attacker has the element of surprise, the hurled energy can put the defender off balance, but if the defender is prepared it can be quite easy to divert or ignore such an attack.

Going around and attacking people on the psychic level is not a very smart thing to do, because in the long run any kind of mentality that wishes harm upon others causes harm inside oneself - that's where the negative energy is created and stored. A psychic generally operates at a higher level of vibrational energy, and such a self-defeating attack can can yank down the psychic's awareness to a lower level - thus limiting psychic power and abilities as well.

In some cases being attacked even benefits the defender! How can that be? Well, surely you have heard the phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Finding out where your weaknesses are and subsequently overcoming them can be cause to give thanks to the person who wished ill upon you.

In conclusion, if you attack another individual you attack yourself. Any kind of warlike mentality returns quite fast back to the psychic and causes harm there. Don't attack; simply change instead.

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