When you first start practising with the interpretation of the Aura it can be discouraging if you do not see colours immediately. That is when pendulums are very useful; no only do they help you, when you first start, they later confirm what you are seeing!

The Aura is the energy field that surrounds all matter – whether that is animate or inanimate. The aura also has lines of energy, which appear as radiant streams of energy extending one or two feet out into the auric field. In Pranic Healing, these are referred to as Health Rays and seeing and feeling these energy rays is one of the easiest ways to interpret the health of a person.

General Meaning of the Colours.

The meaning of colours is a very in-depth study. However, here is a short description of each of the main colours.

Red-Strong energy.
It is a person with strong will and dynamism.
Too much red may mean an imbalance in temperament – aggressiveness

Orange-Warmth, Creativity, emotions
It indicates a strong and courageous person.
Muddier shade of orange indicates pride, worry or vanity.

Yellow -Mental activity
This is one of the easier colours to see and indicates mental activity, psychic abilities and optimism.
Deeper yellow indicates excessive thinking and analysing, over-critical.

Green -Sensitivity and Compassion
It is a colour of growth and calm – a reliable person.
The muddier colour represents uncertainty and miserliness.

Blue-Devotion and Truth
Another easy colour to see. It reflects devotion, truth and clairaudience.
The muddier shades indicate melancholy, worrying, domineering, fearfulness.

Violet and Purple-Warmth and Transmutation
It is the colour of the blending of heart and mind – a person who is on the spiritual path.
The muddier shades indicate a person who feels misunderstood.

Pink -Compassion, love and purity.
It indicates a quiet modest type of person.
The muddier colour can reflect an immaturity and a lack of truth.

Gold -Dynamic spiritual energy
It indicates a person coming into their own power a person of enthusiasm ansd inspiration.
The Muddier shades can reflect a lack of clarity, the person is still working to becoming a “golden being”.

White -Truth and purity
The colour white has all the colours and when seen in conjunction with other colours it is an indication of just a poor perception of the aura. The white separate from other colours is the pure colour and indicates a person is cleansing and purifying.

Grey -Initiation
A movement towards developing the innate abilities of spirit.
The darker shades indicate imbalance.

Brown -the colour of the Earth.
Reflects new growth in a person.
If seen around the head area it means cleansing is needed as the person is clogged.

Black -Protection
The person is protecting himself or herself.
The negative aspects cause imbalance, holes in the auric field. This colour is dominant in cases of abuse.

Silver -Fertility and growth

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