When you are supposed to survive and a life-threatening situation is at hand, a message comes to you from anywhere it can. Be aware, it can happen to you!

Why you are supposed to survive may be an unknown: Perhaps you are a cog in a wheel of coincidence that leads to something important to divine plan. Who knows? The blueprints of the universe are not on public display.

Where did the knowledge come from that a certain client would be presented with a poisoned pizza by her husband? There was no signature on the information, but it was so insistent and so clear, that I delivered the message. This was not the first time I was 'called upon' to phone someone with a 'nutcase' type idea. Each time, the person accepted the idea and performed the action that saved them, which may mean God only sends messages to people who are going to listen?--through people who have the guts to make a fool of themselves?

So I called the lady, using the appropriate apologies.

"Oh?" she said. "Husband left 3 pieces of pizza on the table and went to take a shower, told me to help myself, he had his. What shall I do?"

"When he gets out of the shower," I suggested, "tell him that you were not hungry, so you took the wonderful pizza to his invalid mother (Husband was a mama's boy all the way.) and her nurse."

Inconvenient as it was, my client did exactly that.

Husband, informed of this, still in his after-bath attire, ran to his truck and hightailed it over to the house where Mother and the nurse were. He grabbed the pizza without a word and ran out the door. You can imagine the nurse's chagrin! "Why wouldn't he want me to have a slice of pizza?" she asked my client.

If a friend, or perchance your psychic, ever calls you with a plausible story that you should do something about something that is really happening right then: Don't think twice, DO IT, because if the friend is wrong, you have lost nothing if you do it; and if the friend is right, and you don't do it, you may not live to regret not doing it. The odds are in the favor of listening to a 'superstitious' warning.

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