Happy Birthday Pisces! Do what you want to be doing this year, because whatever you're doing is going to grow. Your navigational skills to desired destinations are razor sharp, and you’re lucky in a world of opportunity. At this point though, it’s likely you don’t get the prize and end up in the position you want to be, but you do get much farther along--what’s required now is faith in your dreams.

Psychic Messages for Spring 2008

…a Dramatic, Fast-Moving Time
Skating, swimming, and swerving through Spring 2008: The spirits have this to say to each one of us:
“Well, you made it… you’re on the other side... it’s August…It was an exhilarating ride that Spring gave everyone! Now take a big rest. Even if you’re supposed to be very busy, make sure that when you feel you come to the end, or are on the other side of this Spring, that you take a nice rest.”

Out in the World: Unfortunately, the first thing that jumped out about Spring is something ugly: despair is in the air—tragedy and loss. There’s a strong possibility of catastrophic events. Strong leaders take command in many places around the world. It’s a time when people with vision and boldness, who are ready to act, move forward with an agenda that takes things in different directions--some better, some not. Something in science takes another striking leap forward. Excitement brews from collaborations, new partnerships, new possibilities, and people being more creative than ever.

Guidance for Everyone

Towards a happier you: Unburden yourself by taking care of any pending things you owe people. Do you owe an apology, a clearing up of a misunderstanding? Free yourself in ways first, that don’t cost money! To do this paves the way for you to more easily move through life. A lighter you is like a new currency, the right one to build your empire this Spring when you can springboard into happier, lighter times.

There are myriad things to do this Spring …what step, or what on your to-do list, feels most substantial, most directly related to your personal goals? That’s what to choose to do!

Those who have amassed their power are given the opportunity to deploy it, to stand out. Being ready counts and pays off now.

Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs and Elements
Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): It’s important to keep dreaming, fantasizing, and thinking about new directions. It’s an unlikely time to be able to tell, conclusively, what is concrete in your life. No problem if you don’t demand that of the world, or of yourself ! There’s plenty to do that’s different in your life, just go do it and see what happens!
Taurus is going through more of a mysterious development, in their person, their self, and is not sure what is manifesting in their lives, although it does feel like a powerful change. Virgo might have business to take care of that’s just right up Virgo’s ally, making sure their t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted, quickly taking care of details, getting things in shape or order. They’re more in the middle of a period of their life rather than currently opening up to whole new frontiers…and if any Virgos are opening up new frontiers, it’s in May. Capricorns tend to get exciting opportunities that make them hustle. The pendulum swings and things are hot!

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): A change of conditions or circumstances is quite significant this Spring. It brings much rearrangement and exploration, with water sign women going in unknown directions and using new skills, and water sign men going towards what they’ve karmically been headed towards…they could explore and express an art form more strongly. No matter what it looks like, they ultimately arrive upon terra firma, with greater clarity and sense of purpose. Illumination and true stability are up ahead…
In a couple of months you come up with some brand new ideas, but right now there’s a percolation process going on. It isn’t a season for deep thinking and making judgments. There’s a lot of detail and arranging to take care of--stay positive and be happy with the mundane-- everything’s fine, just not really hopping. Scorpio: There’s a decision that you feel pressure to make…you are leaving something, letting go of something. Make a decision already! The world might be telling you that it is timely to take perhaps a different route or action, or begin something. The Spring brings out a stubbornness in you, but that is just what needs dissolving, and NOT being stubborn and letting something dissolve is the basic action that gets you where you want to go. Pisces: In their imagination, Pisces can go very far …they’re given unusual vision, clarity, and self-understanding that helps them make informed decisions about their future. Pisces is kind of pensive, unusually “inner” this Spring. They are actually gathering force, pausing before acting with strength.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): There’s something a little scary or daunting about what seems to be ahead of you as events in Spring 2008 unfold—the future feels kind of formidable. Sometimes power moves in one’s life and fire signs are likely to experience the moving of power around them. You can, if you choose and are ready, harmonize and work in accord with that power and be moved into new roles, new places, and new destinies.
Aries: Something you have committed to may not turn out as you want or expect. Just like you got into it, you can get out of it—where there’s a will there’s a way. You tend to find more compatible people to be with now. You can go from survival mode to operating out of higher ideals, to create a wonderful life rather than a tolerable one. Expect a raise in consciousness! You develop a better base in your business, get more involved in your community, and are likely to be chosen: a designated person. You need to create more vacuums in your life: it’s a good time to find a getaway place in your life and go to it, to establish more of a routine around “chilling. Sagittarius: Somebody could propose a very new direction for you, or it could pop into your own head---this new path is the greatest departure in a long time, and all that you need to be able to tell is whether you feel good about it--it’s that simple. Just because it’s out of bounds doesn’t mean it’s not a good place to travel to or try. You’re given a new lease on life in the guise of something different.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You’re given a big dose of insight-getting ability; expect lots of telepathy in the Spring of 2008. One long chapter and set of activities in your life is completed, and the strength you’ve gathered fuels what’s new and sustainable and stable. Developments are positive and promise a better, and most important, enjoyable life. Gemini is on a fast track to get done what they already started, delivering on promises, and expanding in directions they’ve set up for themselves. Negotiation skills are sharp. Libra: Get your friends around you, look for support and ask for support…you’re supposed to be helped by people, and informed by people, and given new things and opportunities. An excellent time to get more education, and begin a new project that feels right, timely, and expansive. Aquarius: You could pursue something in a new environment that you very much like, that makes you feel quite alive. First comes the getting things arranged and in order, then taking the successful action forward, and then the surprise of the new dreams and new directions that develop.

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