Everything is going swell, and I am really, really happy. And here are tears on my cheeks, some psychic pain. I ask my body 'What's up?' and it replies it is deeply sad. At that moment, I would attach that sad feeling to what is going on around me, and conclude my job is depressing. But I know my body chemistry is out of whack: The doctor told me my estrogen level is 800 times normal.

Is it that knowledge that leads me to delve into the experience? - because I am catching a potential reframing of my reality in progress!

Some eureka realizations hit me that that never leave me:
(1) That human minds go around assuming life makes sense at any given moment;
(2) That human minds assume that feelings directly arise from what is going on at a given moment. So we believe feelings make sense. So, when our body chemistry creates a mood or feeling irrespective of what is going on around us, we directly connect the way we feel with what is happening at the time.
(3) That a turning point (for good or ill) happens within us right there in the moment the two assumptions meld.

Since we are the doers in the situation that is reframing our reality, we are not easy observers of it: Others who are insightful bystanders see more than we do. Asking 'why' in an analytical Tarot reading will sometimes bring out these factors within us. Having a 'why' living in the back of our minds may bring out the factors as well.

Believing that reality makes sense is a factor in mental illness as easily as it is a factor in self-confidence. Adjusting ourselves to a reality that is being invisibly reframed produces desirable as well as undesirable effects. Analysis in a psychic or Tarot reading can bring out both sides of the process when you ask 'why' questions.

It is as if there's a pocketful of labels in our 'feeling bin.' Painting that 'depressing' label on the job would induce my mind, as time went on and other things happened, to invent ways the job is depressing. A snowball effect a cascade of assumptions and conclusions, would follow. I would be more miserable at work than warranted.

The label that washes over the scene, like a color filter on a camera, makes everything in the scene look rosy or blue or scary. Another insightful person, such as a counselor or psychic or wise friend, can locate the color wash more easily than I who am bathed in the color.

Examples. Think of some people you know who are hostile unreasonably. Perchance they had angry body chemistry some time ago, and they attached the 'angry' label to everything back then and lost focus. They are stuck on angry. Bystanders can see how inappropriate their view is. Once again, a psychic or a friend with insight can show the angry person the color filter on his/her reality.

Some other people are stuck on stupid. They feel inadequate inappropriately. Other people can point out that everybody is stupid about some things and point out the things the person in question does excel at. Others' insight is the best fix. Counselors and psychics do insight for a living.

Some people are stuck on feeling secure and are inappropriately trusting. These are hardened cases for others' insight to reach because their ignorance is bliss, and an imaginary paradise is just as perfect to experience as a real one. But analytical Tarot sessions can nudge the naïve soul off the yellow brick road.

Some people are stuck on 'I am not good at that, I can't do that,' because the time they first try is a bad day, and that ambiance washes over the scene, painting it with that self-fulfilling hue. Of course, sometimes 'I am good at that' occurs because the day they first try is truly propitious. The coloring isn't always inaccurate; if it is a good day and something you are good at, or a bad day and something you are bad at, there's no problem. There's only a problem when the scene and the mood don't jibe.

Yes, this seems so unfair. But guess what?--we can man the process consciously. We can wield the process by making the most of our good moods and by examining the vulnerabilities in our psyche, possibly with the help of, yes, an analytical psychic counselor.

Here's a picture of how we would do that. Let's say I am doing a particular thing … cutting up vegetables … and my psyche is irritated. Ordinarily, I would conclude that I hate cutting up vegetables. After that, I would be unquestioningly annoyed when I 'have to' make a salad. But what if I were in the habit of tuning into and questioning my irritated psyche?

Let's say I am feeling disagreeable because my tummy is upset; and it is raining outside. By being aware, I would avoid emotionally concluding rain is a sad thing.

Let's say I am angry and a certain person walks in. The awareness would let me escape feeling I must not like that person!

Let's say my brain has bathed my endocrine system with nesting urges, and I fall in love with the next warm body I encounter. Really? Oh, I need that Tarot analysis right now for this one!

Could I just please get stuck on being sensible? The Great Work is to lose the glasses with the color washes. To see things as they are.

Losing these labels (or the colored filters) is a challenge: Most of our impressions and conclusions are valid ones. You have to catch yourself in the act of slapping one of those labels inappropriately on an experience, which is what happened when the tears caught my attention. You have to question what is happening and not be led into an internal assumption.

Oh, how liberating it is to unravel these inappropriate conclusions. It is like losing a bad religion, like recovering from a disease.

Now you realize you actually like a color that you thought you didn't like because, when you were a kid ...

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